drill rigs for saleMining professionals and management-level construction personnel often have a hard time finding the right equipment. Knowing which suppliers sell the right equipment can be a daunting challenge. Luckily, construction personnel can turn to one company to help them find exactly what they need. Frontline Construction Equipment has been a leader in construction equipment for more than 30 years. Frontline Construction has access to the equipment and value you need in these uncertain economic times. Our team will exceed your expectations by finding you the best available equipment that fits within your budget. Frontline Construction has a vast assortment of drill rigs for sale as well as a wide variety of other equipment. They also have the experience to fill the specialized needs of miners in the United States, South America, and Europe.

Frontline Construction is proud to offer the following brands for sale and service:

  • Weir Trio
  • Surestrike
  • Derrick Corp.
  • TesCar
  • Kennametal
  • Brunner & Lay
  • And many more!

Drill Rigs for Sale to Fit Your Needs

Frontline Construction has so many drill rigs for sale that you’re bound to find the one that’s perfect for your project. Their user-friendly website gives you the power to search and find the equipment—both new and used—that’s right for you. Take a look below at just a couple of the many used options available on our website.

1988 Ingersoll Rand Model RESKA R10 Drilling Rig

  • Perkins diesel engine with 4 cylinders and sound proof coverage
  • Counter-mast with 1000 mm approximate stroke
  • Feed travel fitted for 1,5 mt long drill rods
  • Max pull back force of 3,000 kg
  • Rotary head with max torque 400 kgm in 1st gear and max speed up to 500 rpm in 2nd gear
  • Single clamp with approximate passage of 160 mm
  • Ideal for soil investigation, small water wells and vertical drilling
  • Inspected and confirmed to be in good working order
  • Currently under extraordinary maintenance work
  • Available immediately


  • Deutz Bf 6l 913 engine
  • Rotary head: t 1000, 6 v (1000 kgm torque, 6 speeds)
  • Fitted for 6 mt long drill rods (effective feed travel 8, 5 mt)
  • Double clamp with max passage of 254mm
  • Drilling control aboard the machine, crawler control on control panel
  • Very good overall condition

Contact us for pricing or information on these and any other equipment that you may require. Our huge selection of new and used equipment allows us to offer the right equipment at the right price!

SoilmecWhen a construction company needs quality equipment, Soilmec is always one of the best options. For over 50 years, the company has manufactured durable and reliable machinery. In addition to buildings, companies use their equipment for tunnels, bridges, roads, and more. The company produces many different drilling products, including:

Mini piling rigs

The manufacturer creates compact and powerful mini piling rigs. Their crawler-mounted rigs are popular for applications involving flight auger drilling.

Micro rigs

Their micro drilling rigs have a design that makes them easy to assemble. Containing powerful engines, they also come with many safety features.

Rotary rigs

Transporting these rotary rigs is very easy; they are also self-erecting. They use telescopic Kelly bars for deep piles. And one of their biggest benefits is that they do not produce any vibrations.

Continuous flight auger rigs

Soilmec CFA rigs are very versatile. Powered hydraulically, you can mount them on a crawler unit. They do not create any shocks, vibrations, or noise.

Geothermal rigs

The company’s geothermal rigs use state-of-the-art technology to quickly and easily extract geothermal energy.


Their cranes are ideal for the building of heavy foundations. They include several features, such as self-lifting counterweights, multi-element lattice boom, and an extendable undercarriage.

Soilmec equipment available at Frontline

We typically have a big selection of Soilmec products. Currently, we have these items in our inventory:


Built in 2008, this CFA rig has 9,000 working hours. The kit includes a lower auger guide, hydraulic vibrohammer, and Jean Lutz Registration System. This model is in good working condition.

R516HD drill rig

Manufactured in 2001, this rig has 10,000 working hours. It has a refurbished CAT 3126 engine and comes with a Kelly bar with 48m friction and a hydraulic and electric plane.

CM50 hydraulic CFA rotary rig

This rig is completely refurbished and repainted. Built in 2006, it has approximately 7,000 working hours. It includes an auger cleaner.

To learn more about this equipment or anything else Frontline carries, new or used, please contact us.

foundation drilling rigs for salePreparing the soil for a job site is always a tricky operation, especially if you’re operating on a tight budget. It can be challenging to find foundation drilling rigs for sale that meet both functionality and budget requirements.

However, it’s easier than ever to find one within your budget that offers the flexibility and versatility you need. That’s because Frontline Construction Equipment is here to help. Our industry-leading selection of used drilling rigs rises to the challenge of increased user demands and cost consciousness. Frontline’s team of professionals assembles a custom equipment solutions package for every client to address budget, capability, and logistics needs.

Foundation Drilling Rigs for Sale from Frontline

2006 Casagrande B250: This 80-ton workhorse has a 52’ single-stroke capacity with a 6m Kelly bar extension for drilling depth up to 68’. It’s an exceptionally well-maintained rig with a recently-installed pile dynamic system valued at $30,000. Outfitted for both CFA and displacement piling, this powerful and versatile rig is ready for the toughest jobs.

ABI Mobilram RE 12: This piling rig comes with all the options you need for successful vibratory piledriving operations. Package includes an ABI telescopic leader and two ABI vibrodrivers. The RE 12 has a replacement engine and hydraulic pump, both installed within the last 5,000 work hours. For ultra-quiet piling operations, the RE 12’s vibrodriver technology is a sure-fire producer.

1999 Atlas Copco Mustang A66 CBT HD: A steal of a deal that’s essentially a brand-new rig. This micropile and investigation rig got a ground-up rebuild and is now ready to rumble. It includes new rotary head and cradle; new hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and hoses; a new electrical system, and more.

Expand Your Options with Frontline

Frontline Construction offers the #1 way to expand your selection and find your solution. We employ a lean, client-centered process to make sure you’ve always got the right equipment at the right time. Our team has over 30 years of experience developing equipment packages for clients in the US, Europe, and South America.

Are you looking for foundation drilling rigs for sale but not finding what you need? It’s time to join satisfied Frontline clients across the globe. For a quote or to get more information, call our office at 305-257-9371 or use our contact form.

Construction EquipmentA construction project will only be successful if you use the right equipment. To begin, you have to work with the best brands. These five make quality machinery, and when looking for construction equipment you can’t go wrong using them.

Brunner & Lay

Brunner & Lay’s reputation for producing great equipment dates back to the 1800s. The company manufactures tools for three areas: paving breaking, demolition, and rock drilling. They build everything with the best steel to ensure it is tough and durable.


For over 40 years, TesCar has made exceptional equipment for drilling and foundations. The company is widely known for their piling rigs, but they also offer a number of different items. These include micro-drills, auger, cranes, diaphragms, and more.

Boart Longyear

When coring is a big part of a project, companies often choose construction equipment by Boart Longyear. In operation for more than a century, the company manufactures an assortment of products. In addition to machinery for surface and underground coring, they make much more. They also have equipment for reverse circulation and sonic drilling.


Another reliable, quality company that has been around for decades is Soilmec. Known for their innovative products, Soilmec makes many items for the construction industry. Their large selection includes mini piling rigs, micro drilling rigs, and geothermal rigs.


When construction companies need to drive piles, Movax is the brand they often choose. Movax produces over a dozen different piling driving rigs. These machines use vibratory technology that drives piles more efficiently than previous methods.

Frontline has the Construction Equipment you need

These are just a few brands carried by Frontline Construction. Whatever you need for your construction project, we are confident that we have it in our inventory. And if we don’t, we will do what we can to find it for you. For more information, just contact us.

Derrick CorporationStaying at the forefront of industrial technology means keeping up with the movers and shakers. That’s why Frontline Construction Equipment chooses to partner with Derrick Corporation, a leader in materials separation technology since 1951. We’re an authorized factory dealer of Derrick equipment, including screening machines, shakers, agitators, motors, and more. In this article, we’ll examine the history of innovation that led us to join this powerhouse of separation technology.

The Beginning

H. William “Bill” Derrick Jr. founded the company in 1951. Right from the start, they created revolutionary products. Bill Derrick himself invented several, including the four-bearing high-speed screen vibrator for minerals separation in mining. This invention pushed mining materials handling to new heights of efficiency and output through its innovative features.

To this day, Derrick retains their roots in the mining industry and provides high-efficiency screens and screening machines:

  • The new Front-to-Back Dry Screening Machine offers up to 50 percent increases in separation efficiency. Rotating screen panels allow superior distribution of particles across screens, creating a highly efficient flow of materials.
  • Derrick’s Polyweb® synthetic screens offer the best of both urethane and wire screens. Quality materials and innovative design combine urethane screen durability with wire screen performance and efficiency.

Expanding Derrick’s Reach

Over the next half-century and beyond, they expanded their reach into a variety of industries. They coupled their relentless drive for innovation with a deep need to make the world a better place. While continuing to supply creative solutions to the mining industry, Derrick entered the petroleum drilling and civil construction industries.

In 1997, Bill Derrick’s Integrated Vibratory Motor technology entered a new generation of products. The IVM’s superior technology serves the industry to this day in the form of Derrick’s Super G shaker motor series. The Super G’s vibratory screening power increases fluid handling efficiency in several important ways:

  • Enables earlier and finer screening of cuttings.
  • Earlier and more efficient separation means fewer shakers are necessary.
  • Permanent bearing lubrication makes remote lubrication systems obsolete.

Derrick Corporation Today

Sixty-plus years in, Derrick shows no signs of slowing down. They’ve refined their mission for the new millennium and refocused their commitment to their global family. The company continues to lead the industry into the future with a renewed concentration on environmental sustainability and new technology.

Their Hyperpool shaker series, introduced in 2013, provides a perfect example of how Derrick continues to push the boundaries:

  • The series features the Super G Integrated Vibratory Motor.
  • Screen compression technology allows lightning-fast panel changes.
  • Concave screen design provides up to 35% production capacity increase over competing products.

Frontline Construction’s relationship with Derrick Corporation allows us to integrate their high-quality American-made equipment into our custom equipment solutions packages. To find out about the wide range of options we offer, call 305-257-9371 or use our contact form.

used foundation drilling equipmentA building is only as strong as its foundation. In order to construct a good, sturdy foundation, you need the proper equipment. Many manufacturers make foundation machinery. However, you can’t trust all of them to supply you with the best quality equipment. This is especially true when you are looking for used items. When looking for the best used foundation drilling equipment these are the three brands you can count on:


Casagrande has been making exceptional foundation equipment for over 40 years. Extremely reliable, around 95 percent of their machines are still in operation. The company produces a variety of products, including crawler drills, soil mixers, hydromills, and cranes.

Casagrande equipment available at Frontline Construction

Currently at Frontline we have this Casagrande hydraulic crawler drill. It comes with a soundproofed Deutz diesel engine. It is also completely radio-remote-controlled.


Although not quite as old as Casagrande, Soilmec is also a staple in the construction industry. Their foundation drilling equipment is known for its technology. Their offerings include drilling, rotary, and piling rigs.

Soilmec equipment available at Frontline Construction

In stock now is this R 412 drilling rig built in 2002. This equipment is in very good condition and is mounted on a Caterpillar 325 B excavator.


Often when a foundation needs building, construction companies insist on equipment from Klemm. This is because the company has an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation. Klemm produces more than 25 different drill rig models ideal for any type of application. They also make hydraulic hammers, power packs, rotary drives, and many drilling accessories.

Klemm equipment available at Frontline Construction

Manufactured in 2014, this Klemm KR801-3 S drilling rig is in great condition. It includes an R 1215 top hammer.

Find this used foundation drilling equipment and much more at Frontline Construction

When you need quality used foundation drilling equipment, you can rely on Frontline to supply you with it. We have been helping construction companies get the machinery they need at prices they can afford for over 30 years.

Viper MetalViper Metal is a Finnish company well-known in the ground engineering industry. For decades the company has been a producer of quality tools and machinery. They make this equipment specifically to meet two important needs: screening and crushing. Viper Metal manufactures top-of-the-line buckets to handle each application.

Viper Metal screening buckets

Any type of equipment meant for construction or earth-moving capabilities has to be strong. This is why Viper Metal makes their buckets with high quality steel. But just because they are comprised of steel does not make them very heavy. Their screening buckets use hydraulic motors for the screening process. These buckets are ideal for the screening of a number of materials, including:

  • Top soil
  • Wood and timber
  • Peat
  • Bio-materials

Other uses for Viper Metal screening buckets

Extremely versatile, Viper Metal screening buckets have many uses aside from screening. They are ideal for filling holes, and they can also help with composting. In addition, these buckets can also add elements to the soil for stabilization purposes.

Viper Metal crushing buckets

In addition to screening, crushing is another key component of ground engineering. Viper Metal makes buckets that can crush almost anything, including bricks, concrete, rocks, and asphalt. The secret behind the effectiveness of their crushing buckets has to do with their rotators. Not only do they crush, but they grind at the same time. This design grinds down any hard material to the appropriate size.

Frontline Construction can find you the Viper Metal products you need

For over 30 years Frontline has built up a loyal base of customers. This is because companies know that we carry excellent equipment from the leading manufacturers, including Viper Metal. You can count on us to track down items not currently in our inventory. Get in touch with us today to talk about your needs and how we can help.

Brunner & LayFor high quality construction and mining tools, Brunner & Lay is a name that stands above the rest. At Frontline Construction Equipment, they’re one of our most trusted and most popular manufacturers. We love their products because they share our values –safety, reliability, value and efficiency.

The firm has a classic American success story. They began operations as a small Chicago blacksmith shop in 1882. Through hard work and quality products, they’ve become a household name in rock and pavement breaking equipment.

A Short History of Brunner & Lay

  • Founding: Edward Brunner and Severin Lay began forging their own tools in their blacksmith’s shop in 1882. By the turn of the century, they had moved into the burgeoning pneumatic tool market.
  • Perseverance: Brunner & Lay survived the Great Depression by making tools for the WPA, including some that helped build the Hoover Dam. They moved on to aiding the Allied effort in World War II, and expanded into larger facilities twice before 1950.
  • Innovation: From the 1950s onward, the firm continued developing innovative products. They began producing tungsten carbide bits in 1951 and added pit carburizing furnaces to increase bit strength in 1972.
  • Expansion: Throughout the late 20th and early 21st century, the firm continually expanded. From Arkansas to Canada to Australia, Brunner & Lay steadily increased their global reach.

Brunner & Lay Products

Brunner & Lay produces three main types of tools: paving breakers, demolition tools, and rock drills. Their manufacturing process uses the highest quality steel available and finishes tools with powerful heat-treated reinforcement.

  • Pavement Breaking: Brunner & Lay leads the world in production and quality of pavement breaking tools. They standardize their tools for use in most widely employed paving breaker machines, and their variety is unmatched.
  • Demolition: Demolition work demands a versatile range of tools. Brunner & Lay bits are available in conical, pyramid, or X-shaped points for different applications. A variety of high-quality chisels rounds out their demolition offerings.
  • Rock Drilling: Brunner & Lay designs their bits to withstand the toughest challenges of tunneling and production drilling. High-quality carburized steel makes their bits stand up to rock in ways that others don’t.

At Frontline, we’re proud to sell only the finest construction and mining equipment, and Brunner & Lay meets our high standards. They’re one among dozens of industry-leading brands that we sell used and new. Our team of professionals will put together a custom heavy equipment solution designed specifically for the needs of your contracts. Start your project or find out more by calling Frontline at 305-257-9371 or use our easy contact form.

Casagrande drill rigsBecause drilling is such an important part of construction, you have to choose your drills thoughtfully. Many brands manufacture drills, but you can’t count on all of them to deliver quality machinery. One company trusted by the ground engineering industry is Casagrande. Casagrande drill rigs are one of the basic pieces of equipment on construction sites all over the world.

Rely on Casagrande for:


Casagrande produces exceptional drilling equipment. They use the latest technology to create their rigs. The company is over 50 years old, but around 95 percent of their machinery is still in operation.


Drill rigs have to be tough. Otherwise they will not last very long. Longevity is something thought about with every Casagrande drill rig. They are durable by design, so they can get the job done no matter how arduous.


Casagrande drill rigs are some of the best in the industry. But they are not the only tools Casagrande makes. They also produce hydromills, crawler cranes, piling rigs, diaphragm walls, and more.

Frontline Construction carries Casagrande drill rigs

Frontline stocks equipment from the best manufacturers in the ground engineering industry. We frequently have many Casagrande drill rigs in our inventory. Our current selection includes:

  • C8 drill rig – Built in 1993, this crawler-mounted rig is in very good condition.
  • M6A drill rig – This 1998 model is ideal for micropiles, soil investigation, and anchoring.
  • C6 drill rig – Manufactured in 2003, this model only has about 4,500 working hours.
  • B125 drill rig – This rig includes a CFA kit with geo data measurement and a KRC system.

At Frontline, we want you to get the most for your money. This is why we make a point to carry quality used equipment. We stand behind everything we sell so you never have to worry about what you buy. In addition, if we do not have what you need, we can help you find it. To get more information on what we offer, just get in touch.

klemm drillAt Frontline Construction Equipment, our number one goal is to empower our clients. That’s why we love selling equipment by KLEMM Bohrtechnik, one of the most successful construction equipment manufacturers in Germany. Their corporate philosophy is based on endowing every KLEMM drill with four “powers” essential to success. We’ll explore what that means and how they’ve used their philosophy to grow their own success and their clients’.

KLEMM’s Four Powers

  • Power of reliability: KLEMM knows that heavy equipment is a serious investment that must perform every time, and often in difficult conditions. Their legendary German engineering produces some of the most reliable foundation equipment in the world.
  • Power of customer focusing: A company should situate themselves as their customers’ greatest allies in everything they do. KLEMM orients all design processes and support systems for optimal customer service.
  • Power of efficiency: Efficient equipment is good for everyone — contractors, clients, manufacturers, and the environment. KLEMM strives to optimize resource utility in all areas and lower costs for all involved.
  • Power of solutions: A heavy equipment company must offer the exact solutions and configurations their clients need. Vertical integration and flexible manufacturing enable KLEMM to achieve this.

A History of Achievement

The philosophy of the four powers makes KLEMM a continuous innovator. Since their founding in 1963, they’ve steadily grown their business into a premier global manufacturer of drilling equipment. They hold over 100 active patents and are constantly working on more. Their name is on custom-designed equipment for major projects, including deepening the Panama Canal. That’s why Frontline Construction Equipment is proud to stand behind every KLEMM drill we sell.

Find a KLEMM Drill from Frontline

Frontline has a variety of KLEMM drilling equipment for sale at all sizes and price points. Remember: our stock rotates frequently, so make sure to check our website often for the latest deals! Here’s a small sample of the drill rigs for sale we’re currently offering:

  • KR 909-2: A versatile midsize rig in like-new condition. Great for micropiling, anchor drilling, soil investigation, and more.
  • KR 805-2: High-performance compact rig with only 2,500 operating hours. Easily outfitted with a variety of drill heads and equipment; comes with hydraulic drift head.
  • KR 801-3S: An ultra-compact rig that performs to high standards of excellence even in the tightest squeezes. Makes a great investment with only 1,000 working hours to date.

Partners in Performance

At Frontline, we love KLEMM equipment because it’s made according to the same values by which we operate. We see our business as a partnership with every client, empowering them through custom heavy equipment solutions. They, in turn, empower us to continue serving our community and our market. Selling high-quality KLEMM drills is one of the most important ways that we achieve our goals — and yours.

If you’re ready to find a KLEMM drill — Frontline is ready to help. Call us at 305-257-9371 or use our contact form. Let us help put the power in your hands.