Allied Hammers and More Available at Frontline Construction

Breaking through concrete is one of the most demanding aspects of construction sites. It takes reliable equipment that is affordable but also productive and reliable. So how do you know whom to trust when it comes to buying equipment? Go with the industry leader! For more than three decades, Frontline Construction has been matching customers with reliable equipment. They carry only the top brands, including Allied hammers and many more. You can trust Frontline’s experts to help you find what you need for your next job, no matter your budget.

Allied Hammers

For more than 75 years, Allied has been manufacturing some of the most dependable equipment on the market. They specialize in hydraulic breakers and vibratory compactors/drivers. The company began operations during World War II, when steel was in short supply. Allied’s founder innovated techniques for extended crawler tracks during this shortage. With the mindset of finding solutions to problems, Allied was born. Today, Allied distributes more than 50 products around the globe.

Allied hammers are known for their reliability and performance qualities. The company pioneered the impact hammer concept back in 1968. They innovated boom-mounted breakers for increased efficiency and performance. Today, they manufacture a wide range of models. Customers can choose from the Rammer and Hy-Ram series for a variety of needs. Whether your needs are in construction or demolition Allied has invaluable tools for the job.

Similarly, Allied produces industry-leading hydraulic compactors. Also known as drivers, these compactors save construction personnel time and money while increasing productivity. Their versatility means they can take the place of ride-on rollers and other equipment. Compactors can compact soil on any job site. Even better, they can help you drive piles, build sea walls, sheeting, beams, piping, and much more.

Available at Frontline

Frontline is committed to helping construction personnel find the equipment that’s right for them. They carry both new and used equipment to fit any budget. But whether new or used, they only carry top equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. That’s why they carry Allied equipment.

Currently, Frontline offers the Allied G90 Hammer for sale:

Allied G90 Hammer

  • 8,000-foot pound class rated breaker
  • Mounts to 77,000-121,000-pound class of excavator
  • Comes with bracket for John Deere 470
  • Rebuilt twice, both by local Allied dealers
  • Approximately 200 engine-hours since last rebuild
  • No warranty
  • Available immediately

Three Decades of Experience

Frontline has been helping construction personnel for more than 30 years. They have built their success with a simple concept in mind: provide reliable equipment and unmatched service. Frontline’s experts are well-versed in all types of equipment, jobs, and manufacturers. So, they know how to match a customer to the piece of equipment that will get the job done right. And their massive inventory means they likely have what you need in stock. However, no worries if they don’t. As part of their service, they can track down new or used equipment anywhere in the world. No matter what your budget is, come see what makes Frontline the industry leader. Let their experts help you so you can come in on time and on budget.

Give them a call today at 305-593-0035 to begin. Or, fill out their quick and easy-to-use contact form and they’ll take it from there.