​Allied Hammers are the Ideal Tools for Any Breaking Job

No matter the project, the people working on it have to use the right tools. This will ensure the best efficiency and safety. In addition, the best tools will cut down on the time it takes to complete the work. One of the earliest stages of a construction project often involves breaking natural elements or those built by man. Because breaking hard materials can be challenging, quality machinery is essential. This is why so many construction companies rely on Allied hammers and other Allied tools.

Why Allied is a preferred manufacturer

Allied is a mainstay in the construction industry. The company has produced quality tools and machinery for the past seven decades. Their hammers are vital to a project because of their durability and the built-in technology. Aside from breaking up rock or concrete foundations, Allied hammers are also excellent for tunneling and trenching. They are also ideal for work in quarries and mines.

2 types of Allied hammers

Allied makes two different types of hammers: Rammer and Hy-Ram.


With reinforced housing, the Rammer hammer has a design that makes it strong and tough. This hammer is perfect for breaking slag and boulders. Many ground engineering companies also use Rammer hammers for open-pit mining and for underwater work.


All top-quality Hy-Ram hammers are great for use in areas with large populations. This is because their heavy-duty sealed housing severely cuts down on noise and vibrations. Hy-Ram hammers have exceptional efficiency, which is due in part to their gas-assist design that uses low-pressure nitrogen.

Other Allied tools

To accompany their hammers, Allied manufactures an assortment of tools, including conicals, blunts, and pyramids. The company also produces different drivers for driving pipes and piles.

Find the hammers you need at Frontline Construction

Whatever breaking tools you need for your project, Frontline can help you obtain them. Right now, we have a G90 Allied hammer in stock. Rebuilt twice, it is in good condition. For additional information on this product or anything else we carry, just get in touch with us.