​Allied Hammers – Breakers Don’t Come Any Better

Now in its 76th year, Allied makes some of the best hammers in the world. Allied hammers have an outstanding reputation as durable and long-lasting equipment. They produce two types of hammer models, Hy-Ram and Rammer.


Hy Ram hammers have a strong sealed housing that offers excellent protection. This also cuts down drastically on vibrations and noise. These Allied hammers utilize a gas-assist design that uses nitrogen, which makes them extremely efficient.

There are eight different varieties in this product line, making them very versatile. Features include a quick-change tool system and built-in grease channel. Larger models have an Idle Blow Protector, which reduces idle strokes.


Rammer hammers have a strong and reinforced housing, making them very durable. This is why they get a lot of use breaking hard materials like slag. Companies also use these Allied hammers for applications such as tunneling and open pit mining.

One big benefit of Rammer hammers is that they are ideal for underwater applications. They come with built-in air passages and lubrication, which makes any sort of water work simple and efficient.


In addition to their hammers, Allied makes a line of demo tools called TotalBreakerBits. Containing conicals, chisels, pyramid, and more, these tools can work with hydraulic and pneumatic carriers.

Allied also produces an automatic lubrication system that mounts on a carrier. This allows a hammer to stay lubricated even while in operation, which will extend its lifespan.