Allied Hammers: The Pro’s Choice in Hydraulic Breakers

allied hammersHigh-impact hydraulic breaker hammers are a staple of site preparation and improvement projects in the mining and construction industries, and Allied hammers have been the industry standard for decades. In fact, Allied was responsible for bringing the first boom-mounted hydraulic hammers to market way back in 1968, and they haven’t stopped innovating since. They now offer two distinct lines of high-performance hammers that can be mounted to a wide range of carriers up to 220,500 lbs and offer up to 16,000 foot-lbs of precision engineered power. All Allied products are built for maximum performance, reliability, versatility, and ease of use.

Frontline Construction Equipment has provided high-quality used and new heavy equipment to the mining and construction industries since 1981. We work with our clients to develop custom equipment solutions for jobs big and small, and we’re proud to offer Allied hammers for sale. Our team at Frontline has worked with numerous clients all over the world to create equipment solutions that help construction and mining projects stay within their budgets while getting the best equipment available.

Allied Rammer Series

The Rammer series of Allied hammers represents the cutting edge of hydraulic breaker technology. With working weights as light as 154 lbs and as heavy as 15,430 lbs, there’s a Rammer model hammer to handle everything from light rock breaking work to large open pit mining operations and oversized boulder breaking.

Rammer hammers incorporate the very latest innovations to put them among the most efficient and reliable hydraulic hammer attachments available. Their smaller hammers (perfect for rentals and small-site urban construction jobs) feature unbreakable trapezoidal tools for maximum lifespan and reliability, and all small models feature tie rod-free design for ease of installation and attachment. Their medium and large series are reliable capital investments that can do the biggest and toughest jobs, easily access narrow spaces, and keep up the pace with high productivity output thanks to their rock-solid design and easy operation.

Need more information? Allied’s complete Rammer hammers brochure has all the hard numbers to prove that Rammer Allied hammers are the best around for your team’s needs.

Allied Hy-Ram Series

The Hy-Ram series is the original boom-mounted hydraulic breaker hammer technology, created with legendary Allied engineering to bring the most powerful, efficient, and reliable power to your team’s construction or mining project. Hy-Ram hammers come in eight sizes, from the efficient and compact HR03 (350 foot-lbs) to the walloping HR60 (7,000 foot-lbs). Their large tool diameters, superior power-to-weight ratios, and urban site-friendly sound suppression technology make it clear why, for decades, the Hy-Ram line of Allied hammers has been the driving force moving hydraulic hammer technology forward.

For a breakdown of everything that the Hy-Ram line of Allied hammers can offer your project, be sure to take a look at their complete Hy-Ram hammers brochure. Use the Allied Attachment Assistant to help you find the right Allied hammers for the job you need to do — and then call Frontline Construction.

Frontline Construction: Your Source for Allied Hammers Equipment

When you’re ready to get the biggest and toughest rock breaking and excavation jobs done, Frontline Construction Equipment offers Allied hammers for your construction or mining project. Our top-of-the-line customer service and 30 years of experience means we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to work closely with your team to develop efficient, safe, and profitable heavy equipment solutions. Visit our website or call us at 305-257-9371 to get started working with us today.