Allied Hydraulics Hammers: The First and Still the Best

allied hydraulicsSometimes, the first ones to do it are still the best. Such is the case with Allied Hydraulics – they started developing cutting-edge construction technology in 1942. They have operated without a break since then!.

Allied has continually set the standards for innovation in construction equipment. A timeline of their history reads like a textbook on the evolution of the industry. Just to name a few of their achievements:

  • 1942: Allied’s predecessor, Amalgamated Steel, develops a method of repairing worn-out crawler treads that helps conserve steel for the war effort.
  • 1968: Allied develops the legendary Hy-Ram, the first backhoe-mounted hydraulic breaker hammer.
  • 1973: The Allied Rapid-Ram, an ultra-efficient hydraulic hammer with a rotary design, makes its debut.
  • 2005: Allied debuts the Rammer Compact Hammer series, featuring an unbreakable trapezoidal tool for maximum lifespan.

To stay on top of the ever-changing construction industry, innovation has to be the name of the game. That’s why Frontline Construction is a proud retailer of Allied products. Our approach dictates that we always find the best possible equipment solutions for all of our customers. Allied and Frontline are both committed to offering innovative products, because it’s the only way to accomplish our missions.

Allied Hydraulics Equipment

Allied’s range of equipment offered is as wide as it’s ever been. From vibratory compactors to their signature hydraulic hammers, Allied has options for every job site.

  • Rammer series: Allied’s flagship hydraulic hammer comes in a huge range of sizes and working weights. The Rammer starts all the way down in the ultra-compact range, with foot-poundage from 200-500 lbs. These are perfect for small-scale urban jobs and make great rentals. It goes all the way up to the 16,000 foot-pound 7013 model, for the very biggest and toughest jobs. Smaller models feature the signature unbreakable trapezoidal tool and a tie rod-free design.
  • Hy-Ram series: Allied’s classic model has been the industry’s gold standard for decades. Available in a wide range of sizes and built for productivity and output, they’ve long been recognized as a great investment. Working weights run up to 5,075 pounds and tools are available in sizes up to nearly six inches.
  • Ho-Pac series: An incredibly versatile series of vibratory compactor-drivers that can be mounted to a wide variety of carriers. Best of all, the larger models of Ho-Pac can drive piles, beam, pipe, posts, and more. Allied loves to provide excellent value for its clients, and the Ho-Pac is a perfect example of how they accomplish that.

Allied Equipment from Frontline

Frontline’s selection is wide and ever-changing, so be sure to contact us for our full selection!

We’re proud to currently offer an Allied G90 hammer, an older model that’s still going strong thanks to the legendary Allied reliability. This big boy is rated for 8,000 foot-pounds and has been recently rebuilt by the local Allied dealer.

Allied’s commitment to customer value, versatility, and investment-grade equipment makes them an ideal partner for Frontline Construction Equipment. Our customized equipment solutions are designed to help your team bring projects in on time and within budget. We sell a wide variety of top brands including Casagrande, Soilmec, and of course Allied.

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