Atlas Copco Equipment is a Smart Investment for Your Job Sites

In Greek mythology, Atlas was the giant who stood with the sky resting on his shoulders. He did the heavy lifting so the world could prosper. Atlas Copco is one of the world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturers. Like their namesake, they help do the hard work that keeps the world moving.

Atlas Copco is one of the many top construction brands available from Frontline Construction Equipment. We’re a used and new equipment dealer known for our competitive prices, superior selection, and five-star customer service. Let’s take a quick look at why we love Atlas Copco equipment and what we have available from them!

Who is Atlas Copco?

Atlas Copco is a Swedish heavy equipment manufacturer with nearly 150 years of experience creating high-performance machinery. Since their founding in 1873, they’ve specialized in innovative and sustainable industrial solutions. They focus their efforts into four techniques that create great equipment:

  • Compressor Technique: Air-compression systems that help power rock drills and more.
  • Industrial Technique: Tooling and assembly solutions for safer, more efficient, and more sustainable product creation.
  • Power Technique: Generators, work lighting, pumps, and all other equipment needed to power the modern job site.
  • Vacuum Technique: Vacuum pumps that power productivity in industries from food packaging to chemical engineering.

They’re also one company that isn’t just committed to making the highest-quality equipment. Their portfolio also includes projects that foster social and environmental responsibility. For example, their Water for All initiative leverages their drilling and geo-engineering expertise to provide clean water to needy areas. They’re one company that recognizes the importance of sustainability in creating a future we can all enjoy.

Equipment Choice Second to None

At Frontline, our huge selection is a key element of how we create value for our clients. We leverage a global network of suppliers to procure a wide range of both used and new equipment. Atlas Copco is just one of many top brands you’ll find in our lineup!

Ready to begin finding the right Atlas Copco equipment for your upcoming project? Take a minute and browse a sample of our current stock. Make sure to also view our full selection to see all of our great options. Plus, our inventory changes constantly, so check back again soon for the latest and greatest!

Highlights from Frontline’s Atlas Copco Selection

  • XRVS 476 CD T3S Compressor: Atlas Copco designed their XRVS compressors as the perfect balance between superior efficiency, compact size, and ultimate reliability. Professionals across multiple industries use these compressors for their excellent performance in powering pneumatic machinery. They’re especially popular for deep-hole applications such as oil & gas industry projects. This unit includes a FuelXpert system for optimal fuel efficiency and an Oiltronix system for longer-lasting parts. Best of all, it’s got under 1,500 operating hours!
  • FlexiROC D50 Drilling Rig: This almost-new DTH hammer rig is a 2014 model with only 1,045 operating hours. It’s ideal for tough working environments in both quarries and open-pit mines thanks to its rugged suspension design. The FlexiROC series were among the first rock drill models to use cylinder-driven feeds, providing improved feeding consistency. In every aspect, Atlas Copco equipment continues to set new standards, and the FlexiROC D50 is a perfect example.
  • ROC L6-44: Many professionals regard the ROC L6 series as the industry gold standard for quarry blast hole drilling. It’s an outstanding choice for aggregate and limestone quarrying, as well as other types of open pit work. Its crawler undercarriage and oscillating track system make transportation for multi-site work easy. The L6 series also uses a cylinder-driven feed for its superior ease of operation. Finally, with a Caterpillar turbo diesel under the hood, you’ve got the complete setup for first-class productivity.

Let Frontline Connect You to Great Equipment

Industry never slows down, and neither should you! Frontline Construction is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective service for finding top-flight industrial equipment from Atlas Copco and more. Today, call us at 305-593-0035 or contact us online. Our industrial equipment professionals will design a custom package specifically for your construction or mining project! Also, if you need equipment that we don’t have in current stock, we will search until we find it!