BOART LONGYEAR-Drilling Equipment

The global mining and drilling industry relies upon equipment supplied by Boart Longyear to increase their productivity, while operating in a safe manner.

At Frontline we like our customers to know the background of the companies that we represent. The products we offer are always manufactured by globally-respected businesses that meet our high quality and service standards.

Boart Longyear was founded in 1890 by Edmund J. Longyear when he sank a diamond drill hole in the Minnesota soil. The company epitomizes the American dream, since 125 years later, his company has become the world’s leading provider of drilling equipment and performance tooling for the mining and drilling industries.

Frontline is proud to offer the high-quality drilling equipment manufactured by this leading company.

Drilling rigs are available in many configurations to serve the operations of companies involved in mining, mineral exploration, environmental sampling and remediation, energy services and many more fields.

The applications for which Boart Longyear provides solutions include surface and underground coring rigs, multi-purpose rigs that can be configured for both diamond core and reverse circulation drilling, advanced technology sonic rigs, pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills and geo-technical equipment.

The categories of equipment include:

Surface Coring: Boart Longyear is understood to be the leader in creating new technology for surface drilling.

Underground Coring: They offer a huge range of underground diamond coring equipment.

Multipurpose: Their heavy duty, multipurpose equipment handles the most extreme drilling conditions.

Sonic: The innovative designs and technologies used in their sonic drills are the most advanced available today.

Reverse Circulation: This equipment collects rock samples quickly and efficiently by using a large rotary drill and an air compressor.

Geo-Construction: With a full line of geo-construction drill rigs designed specifically for that industry, they provide reliability and durability.

Production: Rock drilling can be completed at a high level of productivity using the Boart Longyear equipment.

The Boart Longyear drilling equipment can be relied upon for consistent, highly productive and safe operation, no matter where in the world your project is located.



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