Boart Longyear – The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Drilling Equipment

Mining and drilling businesses have many choices when it comes to where they get their equipment. There are numerous companies that produce quality tools and machinery. However, Boart Longyear is the only one that most consider one of the world’s leading sources. Amazingly, this company is now operating in its third century. Founded in 1890 in Minnesota, Boart today has its main headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. They also have offices on five different continents. Through the leadership of CEO Jeffrey Olsen, Boart continues to thrive. In addition to excellent equipment, there are other reasons why Boart is so popular. The company puts an emphasis on the environment and sustainable initiatives. Plus, safety is a priority for both their employees and the operators of their equipment. Boart produces efficient and safe equipment for an assortment of applications, such as:


Boart Longyear produces state-of-the-art diamond core drills for both shallow and deep drilling on the surface or underground. Also, they offer crawler, trailer, and flyable mounting options.


Rock sampling is a key element of the mining industry, and Boart makes it easy. In fact, they manufacture reverse circulation equipment with rotary drills and air compressors that can quickly collect samples.


In addition to drill rigs for coring and reverse circulation, Boart has multipurpose rigs that can do both.

Sonic Drilling

Boart’s sonic drills employ the latest innovations and technologies. They use high-frequency energy that sends a casing or core barrel into the ground quickly.


For production purposes, mining and drilling companies rely on Boart. Their compact drills and hand-held pneumatic drills are the best in the industry.

Frontline Construction is a Proud Supplier of Boart Longyear Equipment

For more than 30 years, Frontline Construction has been the leading supplier of drilling equipment. One reason for this is because we only carry products from the top manufacturers, with Boart Longyear among them. We always work closely with our customers in order to help them get exactly what they need for their projects. And, because much of our inventory contains used items, companies can get the equipment they require at the lowest prices.

Our Featured Boart Longyear Product

Currently in stock we have this Boart DB430 hydraulic welder and water pump. Manufactured in 2005, the Nemek rotary head is only a year old, and the rig is in good working condition. It includes a dust collector, towing winch, and rod rack for 200m 17mm drill rods.

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