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About Brunner & Lay

From their humble beginnings in a blacksmith shop in the late 1800s, Brunner & Lay are now recognized as quality leaders in the drilling and demolition industry. Using top-of-the-line equipment, Brunner & Lay have devoted the entirety of their output to the unmatched manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic tool accessories for the mining, demolition, and drilling enterprises.

With 16 facilities on 3 different continents, Brunner & Lay’s manufacturing plants and warehouses are still overseen by a member of the Brunner family. Keeping their facilities in the family has made it possible to keep Brunner & Lay products at an unrivaled standard.

Brunner and Lay Products

Brunner and Lay products are divided into three categories, these include:

Paving Breaker Tools: Great for use with most handheld breaker machines worldwide, Brunner and Lay’s paving breaker tools are manufactured from the highest quality steel to ensure perfect hardness and durability. Their paving breaker lines include: chipping hammer tools, rivet buster tools, carbon hollow drill steel, shoulder drive bits, electric hammer tools, and whirlibits.

Demolition Tools: Brunner and Lay’s heat-treated demolition tools are crafted with the best quality steel to ensure strength and constancy while facing arduous conditions. Ready to be used with most heavy-duty, mounted boom breaker tools, Brunner & Lay’s demolition tool makers range from, but are not limited to Allied, Arrowhead, BTI, Balderson, DAEWOO, Hughes, MKD, Holland, and many more!

Rock Drilling Tools: Made with the high quality steel expected of a Brunner & Lay tool, their rock drilling tools are heat-treated and tested to ensure endurance during rigorous tasks. Brunner and Lay’s rock drilling tools include: intraset, reaming equipment, taper drill steel, taper drill bits, and much more!

The Brunner & Lay Brand

Brunner & Lay are proud of their incredible resumé. This includes, but is not limited to Mt. Rushmore, the Hoover Dam, and Olympic venues worldwide. Their standard of service is one that could not be achieved without the dedicated staff they employ, as well as the devoted distributors who have stood loyally by them over the years. With their help, Brunner and Lay has become, and will remain, one of the finest drilling and demolition companies in the world.

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