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When it comes to mining and construction, a job is only as good as the equipment you use. When it comes to rock crushing, for example, only the best, most reliable equipment will get the job done right. In rock crushing, few names carry as much as weight as Trio crushers. The Weir-Trio line of equipment is recognized for its power and durability. But where you buy that equipment matters. So, don’t take your chances buying from just anyone. Make sure you buy from the industry leader. Frontline Construction has been helping mining and construction professionals find the right equipment for 30 years. Check out below to find out how Trio equipment from Frontline can make the most of any job site.

Benefits of Rock Crushers

Rock crushers are machines made specifically to turn large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or even dust. These machines have been around for nearly 200 years and are extremely useful for numerous mining applications. First, they can more easily dispose of unwanted rocks. Next, they can help reduce the size of rock ore to differentiate between different rock compositions. Finally, they can be used to turn rocks into more useful or practical end-products, such as gravel.

Although not all rock crushers have a hopper that feeds rocks through the machine, many do. In fact, some rock crushers even have two hoppers in order to make small pieces, or even dust. This makes them extremely useful, as mined rocks can be processed directly at the job site. Alternatively, rock crushers can help clear unwanted rocks by crushing them into pieces that are far easier to move.

A Legacy of Innovation

For more than 20 years, Trio has been the most respected name in global mining equipment. The company made a name for itself producing the best equipment for the mining and aggregates industries. Trio’s equipment enjoys a well-earned reputation for being incredibly powerful but easy to use. Plus, Trio designs them for even the most demanding conditions. And let’s face it: when it comes to mining, what conditions aren’t demanding? Customers rely on Trio crushers to handle the most important jobs on any site. But in recent years, Trio equipment has only gotten better.

That’s because in 2014, Trio was acquired by the Weir Group, a leader in innovative engineering. The Weir Group has almost a century and a half of driving innovation in the energy industry and natural resources industry. The Scottish company manufactures products to tackle minerals, oil and gas, and power on a global scale.

Among the Weir Group’s entities is Weir Minerals, which has taken on production of Trio equipment. Weir Minerals is known for making products for slurry transportation, comminution, and mineral processing applications. What really sets Weir-Trio equipment apart is their high-quality build. With equipment that tackles rock crushing and other tough jobs, they can often break down over time. But Weir’s products are built so well that they are the most durable in the industry. This comes from their unique hydraulic designs combined with high-quality corrosion-resistant materials.

Now, Trio crushers come with Weir’s global network of engineering experts. That means that the industry’s best crushers are now backed with the industry’s best support team. This network supports all Weir products, even the Trio line of crushers. So, if you need guidance, training, design or operational help, it’s available. So, customers have both the most capable equipment and the best expert advice available on how to maximize these capabilities.

Trio Crushers Are the Industry’s Toughest

Trio crushers come in four different model types:

  • Jaw Crushers—featuring a unique, robust design, these crushers are some of the most reliable in the industry. These crushers are ideal for both a mobile or stationary jaw-crushing application. Trio designs these crushers with a higher mass than the competition. This feature gives them superior mechanical capabilities and reliability. Best of all, they come in an extensive range of sizes. So, no matter what you need to crush, you can do it with the industry’s best.
  • Cone Crushers—these crushers are ideal for aggregate, mining, or industrial minerals. That makes them perfect for processing primary quarry rock and crushed ores. But like all Trio equipment, they are very easy to operate. This simplicity also translates to very low operation costs. It’s no wonder the Trio cone crusher is widely recognized as the industry standard. That’s because no other crusher can match its capabilities for heavy duty, reliable secondary and tertiary crushing.
  • Horizontal Shaft Impactors—these are available in two different series: the APP and the APS. The APP is designed for primary crushing of low abrasive materials. Industrywide, they are recognized for their ability to process rocks at reduction ratios up to 16:1. The APS is designed for modern asphalt and concrete product specifications. The main feature is the ability to make a cubical product and offer large reduction ratios. Plus, the APS has a high production capacity without compromising quality.
  • Vertical Shaft Impactors—these are ideal for creating high-quality end products. They differ from compression crushers in their ability to accelerate rock to high speeds. The result is breaking along natural fracture lines via high-energy impacts. This not only reduces wear but maintains quality of shaped aggregates or manufactured sand.

Need an Item Shipped? No Problem!

Many companies focus only on a single area. As such, they may have some knowledge about mining in Texas, for example. But very few companies have a knowledge base that spans the entire globe. Luckily, Frontline has that knowledge. For three decades, they have been helping clients all across the world. In fact, they have many satisfied clients in the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and beyond. As such, they know that what might work in the U.S. might not work in Central America. Everything from climate to soil composition can affect a mining operation. So, don’t take a chance on buying the wrong equipment. Talk to Frontline’s experts and know you’re getting the right equipment.

But what if you find a piece of equipment that is for a job in another part of the world? Another company might have no idea how to handle that situation. But the experts at Frontline have the experience and know-how to get it done. They are familiar with the ins and outs of shipping heavy machinery anywhere in the world. So, if you find a piece of equipment but need it for a job in South America, they can help. Leave the logistics to the experts. That way, you can focus on everything else that matters. Moreover, their experts can make sure the equipment shows up on time and intact.

What Makes Frontline the Industry Leader

Becoming an industry leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years or honest and fair business practices. But that’s not all it takes. It also requires a level of service that customers can’t find from other dealers. For more than 30 years, Frontline has been helping construction and mining personnel find the right equipment. They have built their success on fair prices and unmatched customer service. That might seem like a simple enough premise. But chances are you’ve had experiences with more than a few companies who don’t value service. The experts at Frontline know that it takes a trustworthy partner to be successful in construction and mining.

It’s a testament to Trio’s quality that Frontline showcases it so prominently. After all, their experts aren’t going to jeopardize their reputation unless they believe in the brand. But Frontline carries a wide range of Weir-Trio equipment. Built on efficiency, Trio’s crushers offer advanced technology and leading ease of use. But maybe the most important quality of Trio’s equipment is durability. That’s because Trio manufactures every piece of equipment under the most stringent quality controls. It is the main reason why they stand up to the rigorous demands of mining conditions worldwide. So, whether you’re looking for a single crusher or a complete turn-key processing plant, buy Trio from Frontline.

The Right Equipment for Any Budget

When a budget allows it, a nice, new piece of equipment can make a huge difference. A brand-new Trio crusher, for example, can make a job quick and efficient. New equipment packs performance, innovation, and much more. That’s why Frontline carries a wide range of new equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers, including Weir Trio. In fact, they recently became the exclusive distributor for Weir’s Trio line of equipment for all of Florida. That means that buying from Frontline gives you the best equipment and the best service. You’ll see why Trio crushers are so respected and you’ll have a partner you can rely on. Becoming a distributor for a top brand isn’t easy…the company must meet high standards of expertise and customer service to represent a brand with a quality global reputation.

But Frontline knows that in the real world, not every job can afford brand new equipment. Does that mean, however, that customers should have to settled for inferior equipment? Frontline doesn’t think so. In fact, one of their areas of focus is procuring gently used equipment that is just as good as new equipment. Often, this can be the best of both worlds. Quality equipment from top brands at affordable prices? What can be better than that! Frontline knows that balancing a budget on a job site can be tough. That’s why they take the time to find reliable used equipment. Frontline understands that quality can never be compromised, no matter the budget. But with the industry leader, you don’t have to make that sacrifice. Every piece of used equipment is tested to ensure that it has many more work-hours remaining. Frontline fully discloses the age, wear and condition of this equipment.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Frontline believes in making things as easy as possible for its customers. After all, they understand that mining and construction personnel are busy and don’t have time to waste. That’s why Frontline maintains a massive online inventory that makes it easy to browse their equipment. However, customers may notice that prices are not often listed. As with most heavy equipment, it’s difficult to list prices for each piece. However, Frontline makes it incredibly easy to get more information, including pricing, about any piece they carry. Just fill out their easy contact form and they will be in touch.

Frontline also understands that they might not carry everything a customer might be looking for. They do their best to maintain an extensive inventory. But what sets them apart is their ability to track down items for customers. Need a specialized piece of equipment for a specialty job? They can get it for you. Looking for equipment that will withstand the harshest conditions on the planet? They can get it. No matter where on the planet it may be, Frontline’s experts can find it for you.

So, give them a call today at 305-593-0035 to talk to one of their friendly experts.