Casagrande Drill Rigs – Exceptional Foundation Equipment

In 1963, Casagrande began operations. And now, more than 55 years later, this Italian company still produces some of the absolute best foundation equipment. More than 10,000 pieces of equipment have come off of Casagrande assembly lines over the last six decades. The amazing thing is that people still use 95 percent of those machines on construction projects all over the world. Construction companies especially seek out Casagrande drill rigs for various ground engineering projects. This is because these machines are outstanding for all kinds of foundation drilling. Casagrande builds them with these three key components in mind:


Quality is something never lacking in drilling rigs or any other Casagrande equipment. This company has extremely high standards that each and every machine has to meet.


It is no accident that 95 out of 100 Casagrande machines still get the job done. The company wants construction firms to be able to use their equipment for several decades.


Drill rigs are just one kind of equipment Casagrande produces. They also manufacture a wide assortment of tools, such as:

Crawler Drills

A big advantage of Casagrande crawler drills is their versatility. First of all, they come in two different types, either remote-control or hydraulic. They are also important for a number of applications, including micro-piles, anchoring, or jet grouting. These drills are compact, powerful, and made to stand up to all kinds of harsh materials.

Piling Rigs

One of the tenets of Casagrande is their dedication to state-of-the-art technology, and this is evident in their piling rigs. The latest technology allows them to design and build their XP series of piling rigs to work with extreme efficiency. They also allow workers to have the utmost productivity.

Diaphragm Walls

Casagrande makes diaphragm walls that have the ability to ship easily and assemble fast. In addition, they are ideal for use in small or narrow spots. Just as with their piling rigs, Casagrande puts a focus on enhancing productivity with their diaphragm walls.


Diaphragm walls and hydromills often go hand-in-hand. This is because the construction of the former can be challenging without the latter. Poor soil is one reason why the creation of diaphragm walls can be hard, but Casagrande hydromills solve this problem. Built with advanced electronics, these tools offer instant information to operators, such as cutting force, verticality and record depth.

Continuous Flight Augers (CFAs)

Casagrande manufacturers a variety of different CFA models that work for any diameter or depth. In addition, they make crowd winches, Kelly extensions, cleaners, and numerous other accessories for their CFAs.

Tunneling Equipment

The tunneling equipment from Casagrande has a design that utilizes two telescopic columns. Thanks to this innovation, a construction company can drill holes quickly and easily.


Strong and durable, Casagrande cranes have become indispensable for ground engineering projects. Aside from lifting and transporting, they can also help in several other areas, including diaphragm walls and bored piling.

Casagrande Drill Rigs Available at Frontline Construction

Frontline Construction is a proud carrier of Casagrande. We typically have numerous Casagrande drill rigs and other equipment from the company in stock. Right now, we have a B180 HD drill rig in our inventory. Built in 2007, it only has about 8,500 operating hours. It comes with a Cummins QSC 8.3C motor with 305 horsepower. The included Kelly bar has 48m friction. We also have a C5 rig, a C6 rig, and several casings and a turning table. For more information on these products or anything else we sell, please contact us. You can call us at 305-593-0035 or reach us by filling out this online contact form.