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About Casagrande

A world-class manufacturer of foundation equipment, Casagrande designs quality hydraulic crawler cranes, large diameter piling rigs, diaphragm wall equipment, small diameter drilling rigs, tunnel machines, geothermal drill rigs, and grouting plants. Founded in 1963, Casagrande has built 10,000 units and is constantly growing.

Synonymous with strength and exceptional standards, Casagrande foundation equipment is recognized around the world as a provider of quality manufacturing and service. In fact, 95 out of 100 of their machines are still in service and working globally.

Casagrande’s strong values have set them apart from the rest of the drilling world. Versatility, mixed with a bit of entrepreneurial genius, has helped them ride the wave of success and offer their customers unparalleled products.

Casagrande’s Products

Casagrande offers high-quality foundation equipment, made from the best materials. These include:

Cranes: Their models include the C300 XP, the C400 XP, the C670 XP, and the C900.

Piling: Their models include the B125 XP, the B175 XP, the B200 XP, and many more.

Multi-Function Rigs: Their models include soil mixers, displacement piles, base carriers, and many more.

Diaphragm Walls: Their models include the KRC 1- B125 XP, the KRC 1 – B175 XP, the KRC 2 – B200XP, and many more.

Hydromills: Their models include the FD60 on Crane, the FD60 on Mast, the FD100 on Crane, and the FD100 on Mast.

Crawler Drills: Their models include the C2 E, the C3 XP, the C5 XP and many more.

Tunneling Tools: Casagrande offers the PG185.

Their used equipment can be found here.

Casagrande’s Mission

Casagrande aims to offer its customers the best when it comes to foundation equipment. Their products are made from the highest-grade materials, ensuring decades of use. Their attention to quality and is found in their certifications, which include the ISO 9001 and Vision 2000. Casagrande’s commitment to effective solutions and quality equipment guarantees everyone’s satisfaction.

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