​Choose an Allied Hydraulic Hammer for Many Applications

allied hammerIn the ground engineering industry, there are certain products that are synonymous with a company. Chances are, when hydraulic hammers are mentioned, you think about Allied. Founded three-quarters of a century ago, Allied has an outstanding worldwide reputation for producing excellent equipment, including some of the most innovative hammers on the market. You can count on an Allied hydraulic hammer for a variety of applications, including:


When some of the toughest materials need to be broken, an Allied hydraulic hammer will have no trouble getting the job done. This could involve breaking up rock in the soil before a construction job or tearing down existing foundations or structures made of concrete.


In tough conditions – as when there is a lot of rock to deal with – tunneling can be extremely difficult. A hydraulic hammer is the best tool to use, as it effortlessly can create the appropriate tunnel or trench.

Mines and quarries

Again, when there are hard substances that need to be broken down, Allied hammers are some of the best in the industry. This is why mines and quarries around the globe consistently use them.

Find the right Allied hydraulic hammer for your project

Allied has two different types of hydraulic hammers: Rammer and Hy-Ram.


If your project will need to break materials such as concrete or slag, Rammer is the hammer for you, as they have a reinforced, heavy-duty housing that makes them strong and durable. These hammers are often preferred when tunneling or trenching has to take place. In addition, because they come equipped with built-in lubrication and air passages, they are ideal for underwater work.


Built for maximum efficiency, the fuel system in Hy-Ram hammers employs nitrogen, which means they do not produce as many emissions. Hy-Ram is also very versatile and comes in eight different models. Its sealed housing helps keep the hammer protected, but it also cuts down on noise and vibrations. An optional automatic greasing system is available too.

Demo tools and more

In addition to hammers, Allied makes other equipment, including demolition tools consisting of conicals, blunts, and chisels. They have also created a mounted automatic lubrication system. Running while the hammers are operating, this system keeps productivity high, while ensuring that parts are not worn down.

Frontline Construction can get you the Allied hydraulic hammer you need

Allied Hydraulic HammerIf you know your project will involve the breaking and removal of rock or other difficult materials, you have to go in prepared. To make sure you have no problem dealing with the hard stuff, an Allied hydraulic hammer is the best tool to have on hand. To find the best type for your operation, get in touch with Frontline Construction. Not only do we carry the top manufacturers in the construction and mining industries, we sell our products at the lowest prices, including many used items. Even if our inventory does not currently have the Allied hammer you need, we will do what we can do locate it.