Don’t Risk it: Why Soil Investigation Equipment is Key

soil investigation equipmentIt may be obvious, but a building has to have a strong foundation, and that starts with the ground beneath it. If the soil is weak or not able to support a structure, for safety reasons, construction should not take place there. This is why soil investigation equipment is so valuable. If a project begins without the proper vetting of the soil, this could cause big problems later on. If eventually it is determined that the terrain is not appropriate for the building, not only was a significant amount of time wasted, but a lot of money was also thrown away. If you will need soil investigation equipment for an upcoming project, there are two companies you can trust. Both Boart Longyear and Casagrande make excellent machinery for this purpose.

Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear produces a variety of tools for construction and mining, including coring equipment and sonic drills. They also create reverse circulation machinery that utilizes a rotary drill and air compressor to collect rock samples. This allows underlying materials to be examined closely.


Another company that manufactures top-of-the-line soil investigation equipment is Casagrande. For several decades they have made a line of drilling rigs specifically to check the properties of soil to ensure it has the proper load-bearing capabilities.

Find the best soil investigation equipment at Frontline Construction

In order to be positive that a site is appropriate for building, the preliminary plans have to include a thorough examination of the soil. To achieve this, you need quality equipment, and you will be able to find it at Frontline Construction. We always have the best construction products in stock, including soil investigation equipment. Right now we have a Boart Longyear DB540 model that comes with a Triplex soil investigation pump. It also has a diesel engine with 130 horsepower, a double clamp with maximum passage of 270 mm, a hydraulic winch, and a rotary head with 1100 kgm maximum torque and speeds up to 700 rpm. This item is pre-owned, but it has been completely overhauled and repainted.

We also have a Casagrande M6A in stock. Crawler mounted, this compact model is designed for soil investigation, as well as anchoring and micro-piles. It has a 114 horsepower, four-cylinder Deutz engine that is turbo-charged. The M6A is CE-certified and includes a double clamp with maximum passages of 254 mm. It was manufactured in 1998, but it has been recondition and repainted.

To learn about these items or any of the other pieces of equipment we carry, get in touch with us. We will gladly talk to you about your project and help you find exactly what you need. Because so many of our products are pre-owned, this gives you an excellent opportunity to keep your equipment costs low. This is why customers have been coming to Frontline Construction for over 30 years; they know that they can rely on us to find them quality machinery at prices that can’t be matched.