Drill Rigs for Sale – Frontline Construction Offers a Wide Range

For over 30 years, Frontline Construction has helped mining and construction professionals find the right equipment. At any one time, they have hundreds of pieces of equipment for sale. Whether a customer needs heavy equipment, drilling equipment, drill rigs for sale or something else, they likely have it. Plus, they back their massive inventory by an unsurpassed commitment to customer service. For example, in the off chance they don’t have what a customer needs, they will help source it. As long as it exists anywhere on the globe, they will find it. Their new, user-friendly search tool makes it easy to find the right equipment for any job.

Easily Find the Right Equipment

True value can be hard to find in these tough economic times. Frontline understands that customers often work within varying budgetary constraints. They carry both new and used equipment. So, customers can find the right piece of equipment no matter what budget they have. And, finding that equipment is easy with their new search tool. On both the new and used equipment pages, a search bar now allows customers to search any term. There’s no need to sort through pages and pages of results. Additionally, customers can sort by manufacturer, price, rating, model year, and much more.

New and Used Drill Rigs for Sale

Customers looking to buy new equipment usually expect to use it for years to come. Luckily, Frontline has numerous drill rigs for sale from the industry’s top manufacturers. Whether customers are looking for a piece from Ingersoll Rand, Klemm, Soilmec, or another company, it’s at Frontline. Their dedicated staff can also help find the right equipment in the event they don’t currently have it in stock.

Unlike some competitors, Frontline also sells a wide range of used equipment. Buying a used piece of equipment is a great way for customers to stretch their budget even further. Of course, when buying used equipment, you must purchase from a reliable source to ensure that you are getting an item that will be in good working condition. Buying from Frontline eliminates this worry. Their experts have been dealing in used equipment for decades and only sell equipment with plenty of work-life remaining. Have a question about a piece? Just fill out their quick contact form and they will be in touch.

Helping Customers for 30+ Years

The Frontline team strives to exceed expectations and help customers find the best available equipment for their budget. Best of all, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, they can find it for you! In addition, Frontline has the experience to fill the specialized needs of miners in the United States, South America, and Europe. They either have what you need or can get it for you.

So, give Frontline a call today at 305-593-0035 to see how they can help find your next piece of equipment.