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foundation drill rigsWhen a building is being constructed, everything relies on its foundation. Whether it is a home, store, or office building, if the foundation is not built correctly, the structure will almost certainly suffer. This is why only quality equipment should be used to create a foundation. To make sure your next project has a strong foundation, you need to start by looking at foundation drill rigs. At Frontline Construction, we always have a big selection of these rigs from the leading brands, including:


Dating back to 1963, Casagrande is one of the most well known and trusted manufacturers of foundation drill rigs. Their equipment can be found on construction sites all over the world because the company puts an emphasis on durability. How durable is their equipment? Around 95 percent of the machines they have made since they began are still being used.

Casagrande equipment for sale at Frontline

Right now at Frontline we have several Casagrande machines, including this C6 drill rig made in 2003. It comes with a diesel Deutz engine, an A2 winch, and a 20L oiler.


When a deep foundation needs to be constructed, Liebherr is the manufacturer to choose. Liebherr puts a focus on safety, ease of operation, and ensuring that their equipment uses the most advanced tech features.

Liebherr equipment for sale at Frontline

Currently we have this Liebherr LRB 125 drill rig in our inventory. This model has a teleundercarriage and winch and 1100 H vibrator. Built in 2014, this rig only has about 2,200 operating hours and is in very good condition.


Soilmec has been in business for almost 50 years, but the company strives to keep improving. This is why they are always studying how their equipment operates in all sorts of conditions and figuring out how it can be upgraded.

Soilmec equipment for sale at Frontline

This Soilmec PSM 980 drill rig includes a diesel Deutz engine, service winch with cat head, foam pump, and oiler. It is in very good working condition.


Another household name when it comes to foundation drill rigs is TesCar. Founded in 1976, the company’s CF series of drilling rigs are used extensively, due to their power and compact size.

TesCar equipment for sale at Frontline

Available now is this TesCar CF2.5 drill rig. Made in 2016, it is still in new condition. It comes with a removable power pack, 11-element locking Kelly bar, and an IMET radio remote.

Quality foundation drill rigs and more at Frontline Construction

The above items are just a small example of the equipment we carry. For more information on these and other equipment in our inventory, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our goal is to make the construction equipment buying process easy. We also want to help you get what you need at a price you can afford. This is why we carry both new and used products.