For Quality Durable Buckets, Trust Viper Metal

viper metalAnything related to construction or mining is a pretty big undertaking. Even projects that are considered somewhat small scale almost always have to involve extensive planning, dozens of people, and a lot of tools and equipment. And when an operation calls for drilling, it can be easy to focus primarily on the drilling rigs and accessories that will be needed. However, often other pieces of machinery are just as important. Buckets, for example, are valuable tools that can be extremely beneficial to have on hand, and the best buckets are made by Viper Metal. The company manufactures a variety of buckets that are strong and versatile and also easy to maintain. Viper Metal buckets can be used for several applications, such as:


When it comes to screening buckets, Viper Metal is the leader in the industry. Their buckets can screen top soil quickly and, if needed, mix in fertilizers or sand during the screening process. Viper Metal buckets are also adept at screening other materials, including wood and timber.


Viper Metal buckets can augment soil by taking composting materials, turning them into valuable elements, and then returning them to the soil.

Separating peat

Peat is very useful, but it needs to be treated before it can be utilized. Materials like stumps and rocks have to be separated first, which is another easy job for a Viper Metal bucket.

Filling holes

Holes created with the excavation of cables and piping need to be filled fast, and a Viper Metal bucket will get the job done in no time.

Stabilizing soil

In order to be stable for a structure, soil needs to have the rocks removed, which a Viper Metal bucket can do quickly. In addition, to further improve the soil, the bucket can mix cement or lime and then add it to the soil.


To get rid of tough materials, you need something that will be able to perform no matter what you are working with. Viper Metal buckets can crush pretty much anything that will fit in the bucket, including bricks, concrete, asphalt, or wood. These buckets use slow rotators that crush and grind, so they are up for any challenge.

Find the right Viper Metal bucket for your project at Frontline Construction

When thinking about which buckets you may need for your operation, be sure to consult Frontline Construction. Talk to us about your requirements and what you will be dealing with, and we will give you our expert guidance. Then you can take a look at our inventory to see what we currently carry. If we do not have a bucket in stock that will work for you, we will do what we can to get it for you. Our goal is to give you the best buying experience and at the same time save you money. This is why customers keep coming back to us when they need construction or mining equipment from a company they can trust.