Foundation Drill Rigs for Sale in South America, US and Europe

When searching for foundation drill rigs for sale online, it’s imperative to find a trusted partner to help you. You need to speak with someone who understands the project for which you require a piece of equipment. Fortunately, Frontline Construction Equipment is that and more. Over the past 30 years, we worked to build relationships with top manufacturers, as well as our own expertise. Consequently, we know the construction industry very well. Furthermore, we understand a multitude of equipment and the applications they suit best. Specifically, our knowledge and connections for foundation drill rigs reach across the globe.

Top Market Manufacturers

Ultimately, your project is only as successful as the equipment you choose. While many other factors are out of your control, your machinery options are not. Especially, this is true when you have the team at Frontline Construction Equipment at your side. Specifically, this is why we offer only pieces from top manufacturers. After all, reliability and safety are the soil of your success.

A few of our top foundation drill rig manufacturers include:

  • Klemm. Over the past five decades, Klemm has influenced the development of anchoring technology with weights up to 32 tons.
  • Casagrande. Casagrande designs and produces multiple machinery options. From hydraulic crawler cranes and piling rigs to geothermal drill rigs and grouting plants, their equipment is world-class.
  • Soilmec. Daily, their engineers leverage their experience and work to develop cutting-edge solutions based on field studies. Then, they utilize feedback to constantly improve their products.
  • Bauer. World-renowned, Bauer serves commercial, industrial, residential and governmental construction projects. Core products include drilled shafts, tieback anchors, driven ductile piles, ground improvement techniques and more.

Moreover, you may wonder if drill rigs come with guarantees. Frontline honors warranties on new machinery from many of the brands we carry. Keep in mind, each piece is thoroughly inspected and vetted for maximum reliability.

Affordable Foundation Drill Rigs for Sale

Additionally, we understand how important your budget is for the completion of your project. After all, every contractor must respect and work within their bottom line. Therefore, we carry both new and used complete rigs and accessories to fit within nearly any scenario.

A few of our new and used current foundation drill rigs for sale include:


  • Year 2002
  • Operating hours at the moment: 17,270
  • Choice of two KELLYs (3/27 & 4/36)

2003 KLEMM 802

  • 2001 KH13
  • Working hours: 5860

2000 KLEMM 804-1

  • 10” Clamps
  • New hour-meter installed showing 1500 hours (probably has over 10,000 hours)
  • Battery -24v system
  • Fuel Capacity – 64 gallons (Diesel)

Also, many of our customers wonder how long shipping takes. We can help with that too! Today, contact us online. Or, give us a call at 305-593-0035. Once we determine what fits your project the best, we can then determine your shipping parameters. Better yet, we will provide free price quotes for your machinery as well!