Front Line Construction Equipment for Mining and More

Construction workers face numerous challenges with each and every job. Front line construction personnel must juggle many projects to make it all work. So, who better to trust when you’re on the front line than Frontline Construction? They have been a trusted partner with contractor firms and mining workers for more than 30 years. As a result, Frontline’s experts know this industry very well. They understand that reliability and safety are crucial to any successful job. So, they don’t carry just any piece of equipment. They carry only pieces from top manufacturers. Plus, they know how important budgets are. So, they carry new and used equipment to fit within any budget. Check out what makes them a leader below.

Front Line Construction

When faced with front line construction challenges, it helps to have a partner you can trust. Frontline has built their reputation on service (see below for more information). However, they also understand what every contractor respects the most: the bottom line. It’s a little more challenging for them to pick used pieces that can live up to their standards. But they know that it’s what customers often want, if not need.

Frontline carries the industry’s top brands, including:

  • Trevi Benne—in business since 1992, this Italian manufacturer is a leader in over 50 countries. They manufacture a full range of digging and loading buckets, including standard and reinforced.  These buckets are perfect for excavators, loaders, and rear and front quick couplers. Plus, they make a line of specialty buckets for heavy equipment up to 500 tons.
  • Caterpillar—very possibly the world’s leading manufacturer of drilling equipment. They have over 3 million products at work in over 190 countries. The company focuses on sustainable progress and driving positive change through their passion for turning product development into innovation. Their equipment is perfect for rock drilling in the water or on land.
  • Ingersoll Rand—an unmatched reputation for durability and reliability. Their drill rigs and other equipment are perfect for water, oil, and many other applications. The lauded company makes hoists, winches, support structures, balancers, handling devices and much more.
  • Weir Minerals—when it comes to rock crushers, they have a reputation for reliability and quality in the field. The company’s innovative products and quality manufacturing make them the crushing and separation experts. All Weir products feature robust and durable designs, for reliable, long-lasting use.
  • And many more!

Putting Customers First

Many companies over-promise and under-deliver. But Frontline strives to be a trustworthy partner for companies from all over the world. Every contractor knows the value of a reliable source for quality equipment. They have more than 30 years of experience helping clients in the mining and construction industries. Accordingly, they know that jobsite managers can’t afford to waste time or money. It’s a big reason why they carry such a wide range of equipment. More than that, though, it’s why they put customers first. Each piece they sell has been thoroughly inspected and vetted for maximum reliability.

Experience You Can Count On

That experience is why customers across the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond turn to Frontline. After all, what good is any piece of equipment if the seller doesn’t stand behind it? Frontline offers a personalized approach to customer service. It’s why they honor warranties on new equipment from many of the brands they carry. But it’s also why they want to help every step of the way. Just start by browsing their massive inventory. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact them and they can track it down for you—no matter where in the world it is. To start, just fill out their simple-to-use contact form to get a free quote and they’ll take it from there. One of their experts will be in touch.

Or, give them a call today at 305-593-0035 to speak to one of their experts.