Frontline Has Rock Drills for Sale from the Top Manufacturers

Finding rock drills for sale at the right price can make a huge difference on a construction or mining project. However, it’s equally important to ensure that you’re working with reliable, high-performance equipment. Frontline Construction Equipment understands these two necessities of heavy equipment procurement. In fact, that’s why we work hard every day to offer precision-tailored equipment packages at a competitive price.

Take a look at Frontline’s selection of manufacturers and equipment. We think you’ll understand why we’re an industry leader in both used and new heavy machinery!

Today’s Top Rock Drill Manufacturers

We take pride in offering equipment from all of the top names in the heavy equipment industry. Some of the major brands we offer include:

  • Atlas Copco: An industry leader with a presence in over 180 countries across the globe. Atlas Copco has decades of experience in developing solutions that are both sustainable and productive.
  • KLEMM Bohrtechnik: This German manufacturer shows the world every day why their name is synonymous with innovation and reliability. They offer a full range of drill rigs for every application, from light compact rigs up to 32-ton workhorses.
  • Bauer: A top choice of foundation specialists worldwide, Bauer rigs offer both performance and efficiency. Their range of equipment includes cranes, material handling, and more, but drilling remains their focus and their specialty.

Rock Drills for Sale from Frontline

We leverage our global supplier network and decades of construction experience to bring you the best rock drills for sale! Moreover, the selection below is just a small sampling of our huge inventory. To see more, check out our inventory pages for both used models and new models! To request pricing on any model, just click the “Request Pricing” button on its detail page.

  • Atlas Copco Flexiroc D50: This all-in-one surface drilling solution is in stellar condition with only 1,045 operating hours. The D50’s high ground clearance and low center of gravity give it exceptional performance in extreme working conditions. Atlas Copco’s famous efficiency and reliability make this model a great choice for both open-pit and quarry applications.
  • KLEMM KR 909-2: If you want a powerful rig with an advanced feature set, the KR 909-2 is an excellent choice. Furthermore, all drilling functions on the 909-2 feature radio remote controls, making them exceptionally easy to observe and optimize. Additionally, the full range of drilling functions are available at the same operating pressure. Thus, the 909-2 offers best-in-class simplicity when changing out drilling functions and equipment.
  • Bauer BG 22 H: Professionals worldwide trust Bauer for powerful hydraulic drilling solutions. The BG 22 H handles both cased and uncased boreholes and offers superior performance for both. In addition, this model is great for specialty drilling systems, such as front-of-wall and displacement piles.

Experience the Frontline Difference

For construction drilling, mining, or any other industrial application, Frontline works hard to make sure we’re the best! Most importantly, our team of heavy equipment professionals specializes in custom equipment packages tailored specifically for your budget and needs. To find out more, call us at 305-593-0035 or use our easy contact form! Frontline’s solutions will help you get the work done — safely, efficiently, and on budget.