​Frontline: Your Home for Top Rock Drilling Equipment

rock drilling equipmentFinding the best equipment for a construction project can be a long process. Fortunately, Frontline makes it easy. Our inventory is always full of products from the leading manufacturers. If you are looking for the best rock drilling equipment, we have it. These are a few of the brands we carry:

Brunner & Lay

When a company is still going strong in its third century, you can be sure it is worthy of your business. Brunner & Lay equipment has been used on huge worldwide projects, including Mt. Rushmore and the Chunnel. The company makes machinery for three specific applications:

Rock drilling

Consisting of taper drill bits, taper drill steel, and instraset, Brunner & Lay rock drilling equipment is built to be incredibly strong and to hold up in even the harshest conditions.


Produced with only the best steel, their demo tools can be used with the majority of mounted boom breaker tools.

Paving breaking

One of the best things about Brunner & Lay paving breaker tools is that they can be used with almost all handheld breaker machines. This line of equipment includes shoulder drive bits, whirlibits, and carbon hollow drill steel.

Brunner & Lay rock drilling equipment in stock at Frontline

In our inventory right now are these brand-new rock drill bits. They are 3 ½” and hi-duty.


For over 40 years, construction companies have relied on TesCar to supply them with quality rock drilling equipment. Their full-line of items includes micro-drills, driven piles, mini-piling rigs, horizontal drills, and cranes.

TesCar rock drilling equipment in stock at Frontline

We have this CF 6 drilling rig available. Built in 2007, it is in very good condition. This rig is perfect for drilling diameters ranging from 1mm to 5m.

Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear is another company that has been around for several decades and has established itself as a maker of excellent construction equipment. The company specializes in creating machinery for several areas, including geo-construction, sonic drilling, surface and underground coring, and reverse circulation.

Boart Longyear rock drilling equipment in stock at Frontline

This DB540 drilling rig is used, but it has been fully overhauled and repainted. Features include a 130 hp engine, hydraulic winch, and Triplex soil investigation pump.


Another company known around the planet for their exceptional rock drilling equipment is Soilmec. Founded in 1969, this Italian company produces some of the finest and most innovative tools available. These include continuous flight auger rigs, rotary rigs, micro drilling rigs, and geothermal rigs.

Soilmec rock drilling equipment in stock at Frontline

Currently we have this R516HD drill rig for sale. Built in 2001, the engine has been refurbished. It comes with a Kelly bar and an electric and hydraulic plane.

Because we sell both new and used items, finding equipment that suits your budget is never a problem. To get additional information on these products or anything else we carry, please feel free to get in touch with us.