​How to Choose the Best Hydraulic Breaker

surestrike hydraulic breakerIf you have an upcoming project that will require some sort of demolition, whether the material is comprised of natural elements or it is something man-made, you will need the right equipment. And one tool you may not be able to live without is a hydraulic breaker.

What is a hydraulic breaker?

A hydraulic breaker is a hammer attached to an excavator for the purpose of breaking down rocks or a material like concrete into smaller pieces. They are used by construction companies as well as demolition crews. In order to find a hydraulic breaker that will work best for your job, be sure to consider these four important tips:

Think about the job for which the breaker will be used

The size and scope of the project should directly correlate to the breaker you choose. Not all hydraulic breakers are intended for every type of work. For example, when it comes to oversized breaking, a blunt tool is typically the best choice.

Don’t overlook protective housing

There are things you can do to extend the life of your hydraulic breaker, such as going with one that is enclosed in protective housing. In addition to safeguarding the power cell, this housing cuts down on the amount of noise created and reduces vibrations. It also stops dust and dirt from affecting its performance.

Beware of blank firing

The worst thing that can happen to a hydraulic breaker is blank firing. This is why when you are looking to make a purchase, it may be worth investing in a newer model. Most newer hydraulic breakers come with technology that reduces the movement of the piston by utilizing a cushion at the bottom of the cylinder core.

Pay attention to the auto-adjusting feature

Hydraulic breakers that include an auto-adjusting feature can vastly improve productivity. This is because during operation, the machine will sense changes in the hardness of a material and adjust the impact energy along with the striking rate.

Surestrike manufactures top-of-the-line hydraulic breakers

While there are several companies that produce hydraulic breakers, the best come from Surestrike. Their breakers are designed to be durable, easy to use, safe, and ideal for any application, including for breaking:

  • Small, soft rock
  • Larger rock and cast iron
  • Hard rock and a project such as an airport runway
  • Tough materials and slag applications
  • Heavy concrete demolition
  • Iron ore and large areas of concrete

Frontline Construction is your hydraulic breaker supplier

If you need a hydraulic breaker, you can trust Frontline Construction to get it for you. We have been supplying companies in the construction and destruction industries with quality equipment for more than three decades. A large percentage of our business comes from repeat customers because they trust our products and know that they will be able to find something that fits their budget. We also pride ourselves on offering superior service and support. If you are looking for a hydraulic breaker or any other type of heavy equipment, be sure to keep Frontline in mind.