​Ingersoll Rand Drilling Equipment Available Today

Ingersoll Rand is one of the most trusted equipment manufacturers on the market. For more than 112 years, Ingersoll Rand has offered customers a wide range of products and services. They offer hoists, winches, support structures, balancers, handling devices and much more. Their reputation for reliability and excellent construction has made them one of the top choices for drilling equipment. Ingersoll Rand drilling equipment is the most sought after in the industry. That is why Frontline Construction is happy to offer Ingersoll Rand products to our customers.

Ingersoll Rand Drilling Equipment at Frontline Construction

Construction and mining professionals in the U.S. and across the globe turn to Frontline Construction for equipment. That’s because we sell top-quality new and used items that we stand behind. Ingersoll Rand has a reputation for durability and reliability and we hear our customers when they praise these products. We are constantly on the lookout for reliable second-hand equipment to deliver extra value to our customers. And with Ingersoll Rand equipment, you don’t have to worry about it being a few years old. Just take a look at two of the great pieces of Ingersoll Rand drilling equipment we have in stock today:

Ingersoll Rand Model Reska R10 Drilling Rig

  • Year of manufacture: 1988
  • 4-cylinder model Perkins diesel engine with sound-proof coverage
  • Counter-mast of approximate stroke of 1000mm
  • Fitted for feed travel for 1,5 mt long drill rods
  • 3000kg max pull-back force
  • Rotary head has max torque of 400kgm in 1st gear and max speed up to 500rpm in 2nd gear
  • Single clamp has approximate passage of 160mm
  • Used for soil investigation and small water wells but capable of general vertical drilling
  • Inspected and found to be in excellent working order
  • Available now

Ingersoll Rand Model Reska R25 CB Crawler Mounted

  • 10-ton class weight
  • In excellent condition
  • Deutz F 4L912, air-cooled Diesel engine
  • Feed travel of 3mt for long drill rods
  • Max pull back force of 6.7 tons
  • Rotary head has max torque of 800kgm
  • Double clamp has max passage of 240mm
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Overhauled control panel located on articulated arm
  • Comes with new hydraulic hoses
  • New electrical system
  • Freshly repainted
  • Used for micropiles, vertical drilling, anchoring and water wells