Klemm Drill Rig – Synonymous with Quality for over 50 Years

With drilling such an integral part of construction and mining, drill rigs are essential tools. And, not only do they need to be strong and durable, they have to provide the best productivity. In fact, this is why so many ground engineering businesses use Klemm rigs. A Klemm drill rig is widely known for its quality, easy operation, and efficiency. Founded in 1963, Klemm is one of the top manufacturers of drill rigs in the world. Also, they produce an assortment of other tools, including:

  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Cultivation systems
  • Power packs
  • Pumps
  • Mixers
  • Rotary drives
  • Drilling accessories
  • Piling equipment

Frontline Construction is a Proud Supplier of Klemm Products

For over 30 years, Frontline Construction has been a top supplier of superior drilling equipment. We only sell items from the top manufacturers. In addition, much of our inventory contains used machinery, which enables companies to get what they need at affordable prices. Frequently, we have Klemm drilling equipment available, and right now we have these in stock:

KR 909-2

This Klemm drill rig only has 150 working hours, so it is in very good condition. It includes a gamma pump, clamping and braking device D, and a KD 1624 drifter.

KR 806-5 G

Manufactured in 2014, this rig has about 2,519 working hours. It comes with a KD 1215 R hydraulic drifter and a KH 22 rotary head.

KR 805-2

This drill rig is 10 years old, but it only has about 2,500 working hours. It is in very good condition. One of its main features is its roto-percussion hydraulic hammer.

Find the Right Klemm Drill Rig at Frontline Construction

We want to make sure you get just the right drilling equipment you need. For more information on the above Klemm products or anything else in our inventory, please contact us. Today, give us a call at 305-257-9371 or send an email to sales@drsdrills.com.