Klemm Drilling Rigs and Accessories


About Klemm Drilling Rigs

Reliable and customer-oriented, Klemm offers their customers robust products from experienced workers. Klemm stands on a solid foundation of high-quality products that are the basis for their core values of performance and value.

Klemm’s main objective is to provide drilling products that ensure the safety and productivity of those who employ them.


Klemm believes in four ‘powers’ for a good product, they are:

The power of reliability: made in Germany, Klemm drilling products are made under the most stringent conditions. Every detail is not only well-thought-out, but properly executed to provide reliable service to their customers.

The power of customer focusing: Klemm acts as a partner to its customers. As such, they provide a customer service like no other. Through individual and intelligent design, Klemm is able to supply drill rigs that will generate added value and advantages over competitors.

The power of efficiency: Klemm remains one of the most efficient brands on the market through lower cost, more power, and lower emissions. Their continual evolution allows Klemm to stay ahead of the game and turn out profitable and dependable products.

The power of solutions: Klemm provides tailor-made solutions to its customers. Klemm develops drill rigs and accessories that will satisfy any needs of the customer. Have a problem? Klemm is here to solve it!


Klemm’s Product Line

Klemm offers several different types of drilling rigs and accessories, these include:

Power Packs: powerful and highly efficient, Klemm’s power packs are used as separate drives for compact drill rigs. These power packs are low on emissions, thanks to intelligent design.
Klemm’s power pack models include the PP45E model, the PP55DS model, the PP55E1 model, the PP95DS model, and the PP115F model.

Drilling Accessories: as a result of years of experience, the complete range of Klemm’s drilling accessories include:
Drill rods for rotary, drill rods for geothermal and flush drilling, drill bits, flushing heads, casing extractors, rotation and rotary percussive augers, displacement augers, hollow stem augers, preventers for double-head and duplex systems, jet grouting flushing heads, tubes, nozzle holders, and many other tools.

For more information on Klemm’s drilling accessories and products, look here.


Klemm’s Mission

Klemm’s drilling accessories are here to make the client’s life easier. Their company integrity is paramount, and it shows through their product line and customer service.

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