Liebherr Deep Foundation Machines

About Liebherr Deep Foundation Machines

Liebherr is one of the world’s foremost companies in deep foundation machinery. With over 40,000 employees, Liebherr pushes the envelope when it comes to technological advances, affording their customers the luxury of high-quality products with longevity. Liebherr has shaped its corporate culture on family, as it is 100% family owned. This has proven to be a true foundation for success that employees and customers alike will find not only beneficial to their companies, but their peace of mind as well.

Liebherr’s Deep Foundation Product Line

Liebherr specializes in deep foundation methods that take a demanding construction job and turn it into an optimal foundation. These methods include:

Drilling Methods for Deep Foundations: This method is the most common of all deep drilling methods, and includes Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger drilling, full displacement drilling, and many more.

Pile Driving Method for Deep Foundations: This can be broken down into three different styles: impact driving, vibration, and pressing. Liebherr’s pile driving elements can be installed and uninstalled at any time during the foundation building process. Thus, creating foundation piles and cutoff walls is easily accomplished.

Soil Improvement: Not only does Liebherr stand for quality, but the company stands to protect your soil as well. Liebherr’s soil stabilizing process enhances load-bearing capacity of the soil, and reduces ground compressibility. This ensures a safe and properly functioning foundation.

Slurry Wall Installation: Made of concrete, reinforced concrete and other building agents, slurry wall installation creates a static or sealing function. Liebherr offers both a slurry wall grab and a Hydromill cutter, ensuring a safely and professionally excavated trench.

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Liebherr’s Objective

When it comes to building deep foundations, Liebherr is unmatched. Their quality equipment guarantees the safety of their customers, as well as ease of use. Liebherr considers its customers and employees to be the keys to its success, providing quality services and products for all.

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