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About Metax

Founded in 1987, Metax aimed to produce specialized machinery for the building industry. Additionally, Metax Mixers aimed to provide assistance to the refitting of pre-existing equipment. Metax’s goal is to meet the needs of their customers through providing any service they might need, particularly those with difficult building projects.

Metax’s avant-garde techniques offer their clients more options than any other mixing company has been able to before. Metax believes in the three virtues of mixing: maximum productivity, reliability and safety.

Metax’s production focus centers on the construction of high-pressure pumps for jet grouting applications. Gradually, Metax has become involved with civil engineering and geotechnics, along with a large selection of mixing products, which include grout mixers and grout plants.

Through perseverance and hard work, Metax has been able to manufacture not only traditional projects, but flank them with provision of other services. This has made it possible for Metax to branch out and span different continents, providing their superior quality of mixing products and services. Additionally, Metax has made it its mission to diversify its means of production by branching out into the oil and gas drilling field, offering its customers even more opportunities to complete their projects with quality-assured products.

Metax’s Product Line

Metax offers a large line of professional-grade products which include:

Triplex Pumps: Motor pumps for water wells and large diameter drilling.

Batching Plants/ Mixing Units / Storage Tanks with Agitator: these include the JM40PV, JM10, and JA0.5 models.

Jet Grouting Injection: these include the JMP12, JMP8, and JMP3-2i models.

Injection Pumps: these include IM114, IM115, and IC90 models with high- and low-pressure stages.

Centrifugal Pumps / Screw Pumps: these include the QSV5, QSV5 S, and QSP 5 models.

Horizontal Silo: these include the SLH24 and SLH26 models.

Duplex Piston Pumps: these include the C2E and C2T models.

Injection Plants: including the Icaro 10C model.

Drilling and Accessories: these include suction filters, injection support, LS15’s, jet grouting rods, and nozzles.

Instruments: these include the DLM 700-Jet, the DML700-Grt, and the Electromagnetic flowmeter FLS 15/25/40/100 – FLSV 15/25/40/100.

Matex’s Commitment

When it comes to grout mixers, grout plants, and jet grouting equipment, Matex has you covered. Their products continue to exceed customer’s expectations, and are guaranteed to last for decades. Matex is prepared to evolve with the continual trends of the industry, and maintain their products with constant innovation.

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