No Matter the Material, an Allied Hammer Will Break It

allied hammer Will your next construction project require rock breaking? Or perhaps you will have to take down some existing structures? You need to think about bringing in an Allied hammer. These hammers are extremely powerful and will have no problem dealing with any tough material. Allied makes two types of hammers, as well as other tools and accessories:

Hy-Ram hammers

The Hy-Ram line is built to be easy to use and versatile. This Allied hammer utilizes a gas-assist design that incorporates low-pressure nitrogen. As a result, efficiency is boosted. Another benefit of these hammers is reduced noise and vibrations due to their heavy-duty sealed housing. This also provides maximum protection for the device. There are several other features as well, such as a quick-change tool system, large piston, and an automatic greasing system. Medium and large Hy-Ram models include an Idle Blow Protector, which not only helps ensure a long lifespan for the hammer, but also cuts operating costs.

Rammer hammers

When concrete, oversized boulders, or slag need to be broken up, Rammer is the best choice. They can also be used for a variety of other applications, including trenching, tunneling, and open-pit mining. These hammers have a reinforced housing that makes them incredibly tough and strong. In addition, this Allied hammer is built with state-of-the-art hydraulics, making it easy to use and efficient. Plus, their slip-fit tool bushings are designed to be easily replaced. Rammer hammers are often brought in when work has to be done underwater, because they come with special passages and built-in lubrication.

Hammer tools

Allied manufactures several tools to be used in conjunction with their hammers. These include pyramids, conicals, blunts, and chisels. Always ahead of the class with their innovations, Allied also produces a lubrication system that works when their hammers are in operation. This ensures enhanced production and less wear on all parts. Manual lubrication is eliminated as well.


Allied also makes two different types of drivers. Their Ho-Pac drivers create vibrations and impulse energy with an eccentric rotating weight. The larger models in the line are ideal for driving piles, pipes, and posts, and they also effectively compact soil. Skid-Pac drivers are mounted on a skid-steer and allow for optimal productivity. They are perfect for contractors in a number of different areas, including landscaping, grading, and concrete.

Get the right Allied hammer for the job at Frontline Construction

If your upcoming project will involve having to break rock or other hard materials, you do not want to make a mistake with the wrong equipment. If a piece of machinery is not intended for a certain application, it almost certainly will not work well and may actually end up breaking down. In either case you will have wasted time and money. An Allied hammer is up for any challenge, and Frontline Construction can supply you with the one you need. And because we frequently have many used hammers in great condition, this enables you to save a lot of money.