Puntel PX 600

Puntel PX 600

puntel px 60

Class weight: 7 tons

Diesel engine 4 cylinders, turbo charged, power 103 hp

Feed travel fitted for 3 mt long drill rods or 1,5 mt long drill rods(modular mast)

Max pull back force: 4,5 tons

Rotary head with max torque 800 kgm; 2 speeds.


Double clamp with passage 240 mm

Drilling control panel on articulated arm

Positioning control panel on board

Crawler control panel on board

Screw pump on board; delivery 100-120 lt/min, pressure 15-20 bar

Hydraulic winch with max pull line 1500 kgò1st layer

Compact and powerful

Fully hydraulic

For anchors a and micropiling

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