PTC Pile Driving Equipment

The PTC Company is a world leader in pile driving and soil improvement equipment.

Founded in 1928, PTC has been specializing in the development of vibration techniques incorporated into equipment that has become accepted worldwide for use in many industries.

The company began with the invention of the poker vibrator, which led to the development of the Vibrodrivers that are now sold globally. PTC was the first producer of hydraulic Vibrodrivers in the early 1970s and then the first to launch high frequency Vibrodrivers and the next generation with controlled variable amplitude, their HFV Vibrator.

By mastering this vibratory technology for several decades, PTC has become a world leader in pile driving equipment, including that which is used for offshore drilling operations.

Since the initial invention in 1928,PTC Pile Driving Equipment has become a globally recognized leader of innovations that have consistently served many industries. PTC technology allows many global companies to operate more effectively and economically. Through the years, their patented equipment has consistently set industry standards in many applications.

In 2004, PTC became integrated with the Fayat Group, which allowed PTC to enlarge its portfolio and to recognize that they were serving five unique markets. This recognition spawned a strategy that allows PTC to develop equipment specifically designed to serve the needs of the individual applications within these market segments.

PTC, Fayat Group has the highest standards of customer service and equipment maintenance solutions, which keeps their products in demand around the world. They have programs to train clients’ staff to perform preventive maintenance, in order that the client may operate independently in remote locations. PTC will fly expert technicians to the clients’ worksite, if heavy maintenance is required. They maintain a deep inventory of spare parts, which can be distributed to customers quickly, should the need arise.

They also provide technical guidance and expertise to assist customers in determining the appropriate solution for their particular applications.

PTC is a leading, global innovator with a dependable reputation and a remarkable history of providing quality pile driving and soil improvement equipment. They are recognized for backing up their sales with the finest standard of service available.



PTC Pile Driving Equipment Serves Five Unique Markets


Free Hanging Piling

A complete line of PTC Vibrodrivers has been providing solutions to the pile driving and deep foundation industries for more than 80 years. These Vibrodrivers are efficient, hydraulic vibratory hammers, producing vertical vibrations to drive or extract a wide variety of profiles.


Excavator Mounted Piling

PTC has developed a complete line of Vibrodrivers specifically engineered to mount directly on the stick of most excavators. This equipment was designed to meet the needs of the increasing volume of hydraulic excavators being used in piling jobs.


Offshore Piling

The PTC Vibrodrivers that have been designed to drive large, heavy piles in offshore projects can guarantee low underwater noise emissions, which comply with the latest environmental regulations. This latest vibratory hammer technology is both powerful and efficient.


Piling Rigs

PTC offers multiple options in order to provide the highest possible productivity levels in all piling projects. Their Vibrodrivers, Hydraulic Hammers and Hydraulic Presses were engineered to feature a high degree of mobility and ease of movement, in order to save valuable time in positioning the equipment.


Ground Improvement

Land claimed from the seabed or soil that does not meet the requirements for an intended use can be improved by utilizing the PTC Vibrolance equipment. This technique produces vibrations to rearrange soil particles into a denser state or can compact load-bearing columns consisting of local gravel or crushed stone. Soil is treated with natural materials in an economical method, thus improving it for productive use while maintaining its environmentally-friendly composition.




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