Soilmec Drill Rigs Are Available at Frontline Construction

Mining and construction can be tough jobs. Success depends largely on the equipment your team is using for the project. Inferior equipment can waste valuable resources and destroy a budget. Successful companies need high-quality, reliable equipment. For more than three decades, Frontline Construction has been helping clients find the equipment that’s right for their projects. That’s why they carry Soilmec drill rigs and a wide range of top equipment. Only with reliable equipment can construction professionals deliver on time and on budget. Plus, Frontline has the expertise and experience to help with any special request. It’s no wonder they have loyal customers all over the world. They have the top equipment and the industry’s best customer service. When clients are looking for drill rigs for sale, Frontline has them covered.

About Soilmec Drill Rigs

Soilmec is one of the top names in construction equipment—and for good reason. The Italian manufacturer has been producing quality pile driving, drilling, and engineering equipment since 1969. Soilmec is a leader in safe and innovative technologies. The Soilmec product line includes:

  • Piling rigs
  • Continuous flight augers (CFAs)
  • Hydromills and grabs
  • Attachment rigs
  • Micro-drilling equipment
  • Cranes

With this equipment, clients have built bridges, tunnels, railways, viaducts, and buildings all over the world. Their line of drill rigs, in particular, is extremely popular for its reliability and high standard of quality.

Soilmec Drill Rigs at Frontline

If you’re looking for Soilmec drill rigs, then look no further. Frontline carries a wide range of equipment, including:

  • 1999 Soilmec R-208
    • Hydraulic piling rig in Kelly Bar
    • Approximately 12,000 working hours
    • Rotary head with max torque of 80 kNm
    • Max diameter of 1,200 mm
    • Max depth of 40 mt
  • 1997 Soilmec R-312
    • Kelly bar 3×9 m
    • Approximately 13,256 working hours
    • New slewing rig (2014)
    • New tracks (2015)
  • 2008 Soilmec SF-70 CFA
    • Approximately 9,000 hours
    • Max pile depth of 28 m
    • Max pile diameter of 1,000 mm

More Than Thirty Years of Experience

Frontline has 30+ years of experience helping construction professionals find the right equipment. Whether a customer needs heavy equipment, drilling equipment, drill rigs or something else, they likely have it. Find it all with their new, user-friendly search tool, which makes it easy to find the right equipment for any job.

But a massive inventory isn’t everything. They back all of their mining and construction equipment by an unsurpassed commitment to customer service. Don’t see what you’re looking for? They can help find it! No matter where it is in the world, they can track it down. It’s no wonder Frontline has the experience to fill the specialized needs of miners in the United States, South America, and Europe.

So, give Frontline a call today at 305-593-0035 to find your next piece of equipment.