SOILMEC-Drilling and Foundation Equipment

Soilmec is a global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of equipment designed for the ground engineering industry.

The company was founded in 1969 by Mr. Davide Trevisani and is located in Casena, Italy. Soilmec equipment is engineered with safety, innovation and quality always the highest priorities.

They are the recognized world leader in a broad range of products in their field. The operation has grown to 45 distributors, 12 subsidiary companies and 1,300 active members.

With 90 engineers working every day to develop cutting-edge solutions, they leverage their experience to study how machines react in the field and to utilize the feedback to constantly improve their products and develop new solutions.

SOILMEC-Drilling and Foundation Equipment product lines include Piling and Attachment Rigs, Cranes, Hydromills and Microdrilling equipment. They create solutions to engineering issues in order to produce better equipment to serve many industries in various fields of technology.

Among them are:

Geothermal Energy: In order to recover and harness the geothermal energy from nature’s immense reservoir within the Earth, amazingly complex equipment and technology is required. This natural heat originated over 4 billion years ago during the formation of the Earth, as a result of the consolidation of dust and gases. Soilmec manufactures rigs that are utilized in the extraction of this sustainable energy. The drilling depth must enable the installation of a ground source heat pump for the extraction process.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA): This technology combines the benefits of fixed piles with the versatility of drilled piles. CFA piles are performed with a partial soil removal, which requires lateral soil compression to increase the load bearing capacity. During construction, the soil is bored by use of a CFA assembled on a central hollow pipe. When boring is completed the auger is extracted and concrete is poured through the hollow pipe. Piles can be reinforced for the entire length with specially-designed cages inserted in the wet concrete. This technology does not create loud noise or vibrations, allowing work to progress efficiently in urban areas.

There are many technologies that require drilling and foundation equipment and Soilmec is a global leader in those solutions.

Soilmec believes that their main asset is the intelligent creativity of its engineers and staff members. Constantly attempting to resolve the challenges presented by new technology and new industries has led to the innovative products that they offer today and those that are still to be invented.

Frontline continues to carry only the most innovative and creative equipment and products to solve the issues of our clients and to provide solutions for the unique requirements of many industries. We do this by carrying only the products offered by companies with the highest standards of quality and service.

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