Surestrike Hydraulic Hammers

Frontline is a certified Surestrike Dealer and can assist you in evaulating the equipment options for your needs.

Surestrike offers a complete line of mechanical breakers that are capable of handling the toughest materials, such as oversized, embedded rock, slag, and concrete. They provide enough options to ensure that the most economical hammer can be matched with each project in order to keep costs low, while ensuring dependable results. Every job has the potential to easily create budget overruns, if the equipment being used is more than the situation requires. Whether it is a smaller rock demolition or steel being separated from concrete, there is a tendency to use equipment that is too powerful and more expensive than is actually needed for the particular project.

The mechanical breakers developed by the Surestrike team of professional owners and operators will effectively break both hard and soft rock, slag and steel. They have been designed to perform without using drop balls or high frequency hydraulic hammers.

Whether a project involves the hardest rock, such as granite, basalt and field stone or iron ore, or the softer rocks, including gypsum and limestone, there is a Surestrike product that will handle the job easily and effectively on the first strike. There are no costly secondary steps to be taken.

Using the correct tool for any job is always the simplest, lowest cost and most effective method for completing the task at hand.

The power of Surestrike hydraulic hammers can efficiently demolish concrete with their high, single-blow, impact energy.

In order to keep costs low and production high, the most critical decision for every project is making the correct choice of hammer for the job. Consideration must be given to the type of material, the size, level of hardness and location. The experts at Surestrike can assist with these decisions and recommend the appropriate breaker for any project.

By choosing the correct impact energy size for each application, the project can be completed effectively, quickly and economically.

Surestrike products are easy to use, safe, low-cost, low maintenance, durable and quiet to operate. They are the perfect solution to any application requiring the demolition or breaking of natural or man-made materials.

Surestrike International models available and their appropriate applications include:

SS25: Used for breaking small, soft rock and in moderate concrete demolition.

SS40: Used to break cast iron, medium duty concrete or larger rock.

SS50: For breaking hard rock, airport runways and similar projects.

SS80: Best with large, tough materials or slag applications.

SS110: Appropriate for very tough, oversized, extremely heavy concrete demolition or slag applications.

SS150: Choose when working with the biggest, toughest, hardest levels of rock, iron ore, slag or huge areas of concrete demolition.




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