TesCar Drilling and Foundation Equipment

About Tescar

Established in 1976 by Mr. Elio Tonti and his son, TesCar has become a household name in the drilling and foundation equipment industry. Originally a member of the Trivelsonda group, Tonti went on to build TesCar, birthing the current special rigs “CF Series” and “TES Series” which are now famous worldwide.

TesCar’s Product Background

Originally focused on micropiles and soil investigation, TesCar now specializes in unparalleled products that rise to any occasion and contractor’s need. Recently, TesCar has engineered machines specific to water drilling and geothermal power applications.

With decades of research in the drilling field, TesCar has perfected their “mini-piling rigs” also known as the CF Series. These rigs are capable of working in narrow and limited access spaces, and are available with torque ranging from 25 kNm (2500 kgm) to 40 kNm (4000 kgm). Respectively, TesCar offers medium and large piling rigs with torque that ranges from 60 kNm (6000 kgm) to 100 kNm (10’000 kgm) and 180 kNm (18’000 kgm) to 230 kNm ( 23’000 kgm).

TesCar Drilling and Foundation Equipment Products

In addition to their CF Series, TesCar offers many products which include:

Bored Piles in Kelly Bar: which include the CF2.5 Plus, CF2.5 Compact, CF3 S, and many more. Perfect for carrying high loads with low noise and vibration.

Driven Piles: which include the CF6, the CF6F, the CF2.5 A and the CF3. Perfect for use in limited spaces and restricted areas.

Micro-Drills: which include the TES20 B, the TES 20 R, the TES 20, and many more! Great for the reinforcement of existing foundations.

Road Rail Jobs: which include the CF4 R, the CR6, the CR2W, and the CR6W. Perfect for working in spaces with low headroom.

Kelly Bars and Tools: including Augers, Kelly Bars, Grabs, Tremie Pipes, and Casing Pipes. Perfect for any of your drilling job needs.

Diaphragms: including the CF3, the CF6, and the CF10.

Horizontal Drills: Excellent for drilling roads and rivers. Great for compact spaces.

Cranes: including the Crane T4 and Crane T10. Perfect for heavy lifting.

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The TesCar Brand

For the past 35 years, TesCar has made a name for itself in the drilling and foundation equipment industries with quality products and exceptional customers. Not to be imitated, TesCar’s brand speaks for itself with impeccable customer service and continuity of their business relationships.

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