​The Toughest Breaking Jobs Call for Allied Hammers

allied hammersIf you will have to break down hard materials during your next construction project, you need quality breaking equipment. There are quite a few companies that make hammers. But there is one that is superior: Allied. Allied is a brand that was founded 75 years ago. In that time, they have become a world leader in the manufacture of hydraulic hammers. Their hammers are used so widely because they are built to be tough. They also allow for the utmost production and productivity. Allied hammers are available in two different models:


Rammer hammers are as strong as they come. They are ideal for breaking some of the hardest materials. These include boulders and slag. Rammer hammers can also be instrumental for open pit mining, tunneling, and trenching. Designed with advanced hydraulics, these Allied hammers are durable and powerful. They also do not require a lot of maintenance. A Rammer hammer typically has a very long lifespan. This is due in part to the design of its reinforced, heavy-duty housing. Another unique feature of Rammer hammers is that they have built-in lubrication and air passages. This makes underwater work a lot easier. The slip-fit tool bushings on the Rammer are also easy to replace.


Allied Hy-Ram hammers come in several different models. They can be used on all sorts of carriers, from mini to large. Like the Rammer, Hy-Ram hammers have a heavy-duty sealed housing. The hammer is protected inside a full box. This cuts down on noise and reduces vibrations. Hy-Ram hammers are very efficient. The gas-assist design uses low-pressure nitrogen. This puts less strain on its hydraulic system. Other features of this Allied hammer include a large piston, built-in grease channel on some models, and a quick-change tools system. Medium and large models come with an Idle Blow Protector. The purpose of this is to stop idle strokes. Doing so prevents internal stress. This allows the hammer to have a longer lifespan and at the same time reduces operating expenses.

Tools and accessories

Allied produces a full line of demolition tools called TotalBreakerBits that can be used for many hydraulic and pneumatic breaker carriers. These include pyramids, conicals, blunts, and chisels. Allied also manufactures a mounted automatic lubrication system. Mounted on a carrier, this system automatically lubricates a hammer while it is in operation. This eliminates the need for manual lubrication. It also prevents parts from wearing down quickly. The system comes with an electrical kit, hoses, and connectors.

Allied Hammers available at Frontline

In our stock right now is this Allied G90 hammer. It is an 8,000-foot pound class breaker. It can mount to an excavator with a pound class ranging from 77,000 to 121,000. This model has been rebuilt twice by the local Allied dealer. For more information on this hammer or anything else Frontline has to offer, contact us. Even if you do not see what you need, we will try to track it down for you.