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Mining and construction personnel usually have brand loyalty—and for good reason. When a brand’s equipment proves itself on the job site, it earns that loyalty. When it comes to crushing equipment for mining, Trio crushers are more trusted than any other brands. The Trio line of equipment is known for reliability, durability, and performance. And with a wide range of products, they are perfect for virtually every job on the mining or construction site. But this equipment is only as good as the company selling it. That’s why customers should source equipment from Frontline Construction. Frontline carries most of the Weir Minerals line of equipment, including the Trio line. In fact, Frontline recently became the exclusive distributor for Weir’s Trio line of equipment for all of Florida. So, don’t take a chance buying equipment from another dealer. Buy from Frontline and see what makes Trio crushers so unique.

Trio Crushers

When it comes to rock-crushing equipment and tools, Weir Minerals is unmatched in reputation and respect. The company has a well-earned reputation as the crushing and separation experts. So, why is that the case? Simply put, Weir Minerals combines innovative engineering with high-quality manufacturing. That means that each piece of equipment stands the test of time. And, their equipment is reliable. What good is a piece of equipment that doesn’t perform when you need it to? Weir makes products that are reliable and perform every time. That makes their equipment perfect for even the most demanding conditions.

Trio crushers live up to this reputation in every way. Built for efficiency, Trio crushers have advanced technology for easy-to-use operation. Innovative designs greatly enhance the wear life of these crushers. Therefore, they last for years. Plus, Weir manufactures each and every crusher under the most stringent quality controls. That’s why they are able to meet the rigorous demands of mining and aggregate operations worldwide. Best of all, these crushers are customizable and expandable, making them perfect for every application. From single crushers to complete turn-key processing plants, the Trio range is right for all customers. On top of that, Weir supports its products with expert service teams that provide training and support. So, in essence, they give you the right tool for the job and any expert advice you need to get the job done.

A Wide Range of Equipment

Trio’s extensive range of crushing equipment has been developed for the toughest conditions. That’s why Trio crushers are relied upon in the aggregate, mining, recycling, and industrial minerals industries. Simply put, only Trio crushers can stand up to the most rugged and demanding applications. But that’s not all. What sets Trio apart is its customized solutions for industry professionals around the globe. Trio’s expert engineering team can advise, design, and build customized solutions. They can handle anything from a single machine to an entire plant. Check out a few of the areas they specialize in below.

Jaw Crushers

Trio jaw crushers are some of the most robust machines on the market. These pieces combine rugged construction with highly innovative features. It’s no wonder these jaw crushers are so popular in primary applications. Even better, they are available in an extensive range of sizes. So, they are suitable for both mobile and stationary jaw-crushing applications. Trio manufactures these pieces with a higher mass. That means that Trio crushers feature superior mechanical capabilities and reliability in the toughest conditions.

Key features include:

  • Unique, robust design for improved durability of mechanical/hydraulic parts
  • Optimized hydraulic toggle relief system, fitted as required
  • Toggle seat designed for efficient nip angles plus high production rates
  • Increased frame protection through fixed jaw die configuration in a wrap-around design
  • Large, spherical, self-aligning roller bearings in pitman for increased protection and durability
  • Optional adjustable wedges for quick, easy adjustments to close side settings
  • Front and rear frames cast from high strength, low carbon alloy steel for durability
  • Fully supported by Weir Minerals’ global service network

These features combine for a more aggressive bite and more reliable operation. Plus, the design features life-cycle improvements of all mechanical and hydraulic parts. That means that this investment will pay off for years to come.

This unique combination makes these crushers perfect for the following applications:

  • Mined ore primary crushing
  • Aggregate material primary crushing
  • Asphalt product recycle crushing
  • Concrete product recycle crushing
  • Crushing and grinding of minerals and aggregates

All of these features mean that these crushers can handle any material. Plus, Trio crushers are designed and built to perform in even the toughest environments. And, they come in a variety of liner options. Choose from standard, corrugated course, a curved belly, a slab breaker, and more.

Cone Crushers

Cone crushers from Trio are perfect for aggregate, mining, or industrial minerals. These unique crushers deliver a proven approach to processing primary quarry rock and crushed ores. Trio has designed them to be simple to operate and maintain. That means that owners experience extremely low operational costs for these crushers. Plus, Trio has designed them for maximum reliability. That’s what makes the Trio cone crusher the universally accepted global standard. No other crusher can match its capabilities for heavy duty, reliable secondary and tertiary crushing.

Key features include:

  • Rotating bowl assembly for maximum effectiveness
  • Hydraulic tramp release, clearing, and thread locking during crushing
  • Ring gear adjustments for hydraulic settings
  • Numerous safety features to extend operating time and safe operation
  • Low energy consumption and low wear rates
  • Fully supported by Weir Minerals’ global service network

Trio has designed these crushers to deliver high force, increased horsepower, and increased crushing speed. Modern hydraulic features make for safe and easy operation among multiple users. Plus, they feature capabilities for dealing safely with tramp materials. Safely clear the crushing chamber if a sudden disruption in power causes a shut-down.

This unique combination makes these crushers perfect for the following applications:

  • Secondary, tertiary, or even quaternary circuits of stage crushing
  • Use in downsizing of ore products, prior to grinding operation
  • Crushing pebbles and glass, coral, basalt, and granite
  • Also, handling tricky limestone quarry materials
  • Grinding and crushing of all mining and aggregate material

These crushers are manufactured with heat-treated, stress-relieved case and high-strength alloy steels. So, they deliver long service life and easy repairs for all owners. A variety of liner options include standard 13% Mn steel wear for standard and short head applications. Or, choose from custom liners for specific applications.

Horizontal Shaft Impactors

Trio makes two lines of industry-leading horizontal impact crushers. The first is the APP series, designed for primary crushing in a wide range of applications. This crusher is designed for processing low abrasive materials. Around the industry, they are known for their unique ability to process rocks at reduction ratios of up to 16:1.

Key features of the APP series include:
  • Steel coil spring design allows for additional tension on secondary curtain
  • Hydraulic assist of shim stacks enables easily adjustable apron gap settings
  • Easy gap setting inspection with swing-out doors
  • External stripper bar adjustment and replacement
  • Crusher opening powered by hydraulics
  • Includes safety locks and proximity switch

This unique feature set makes the APP series perfect for the following applications:

  • Primary crushing of soft (minimally abrasive) aggregates
  • Processing of ores with high clay content
  • Mobile plants and systems
  • Beneficiation
  • Crushing and grinding of mining and aggregates

The second type, the APS series, is specifically designed for modern asphalt and concrete product specifications. These crushers make a cubical product and offer large reduction ratios. They feature a large, unobstructed opening for a slab feed. Plus, they feature a high production capacity without compromising the quality of its cubical product.

Key features of the APS series include:
  • Robust steel coil springs enable additional tension on secondary, tertiary curtains
  • Hydraulic assist of shim stacks allows for easy adjustment of apron gap settings
  • Easy gap setting inspection through swing-out doors
  • External stripper bar adjustment and replacement
  • Crusher opening powered by hydraulics with safety locks and proximity switch
  • Third adjustable curtain or fixed grinding path (optional)

This unique feature combination makes the APS series perfect for the following applications:

  • Secondary crushing of hard rock, asphalt, glass and concrete recycling and slag.
Vertical Shaft Impactors

Trio’s TV Series of vertical impact crushers are key in creating high-quality end products. Simply put, these are high performance comminution machines. They differ from compression crushers in the ability to accelerate rock to high speeds. This breaks the rock along its natural fracture lines with high-energy impacts. The result is reduced wear on the crusher without sacrificing the quality of shaped aggregates or manufactured sand.

Key features include:
  • Unique design for flexibility through modular housing and easy replacing of center bearing cartridge
  • Hydraulically powered lid lifting mechanism with external feed pipe adjustment
  • Compact footprint features closely integrated drive system
  • Can be configured for Rock on Rock (ROR), Rock on Steel (ROS), and Steel on Steel (SOS) crushing
  • Very low capital cost
  • Accepts multiple anvil ring and rock shelf options

Trio has designed these crushers with a welded and stress-relieved carbon steel main frame. Plus, these crushers feature a chrome iron feed plate, impeller shoes, and feed pipe. That means that every crusher is incredibly powerful, reliable, and durable. On top of that, they feature tungsten carbide-tipped inner and outer rotor bars. Plus, easily replaceable chrome iron wear rings and plates make customization a breeze.

This feature set makes these vertical impact crushers perfect for the following applications:

  • Secondary crushing of a variety of materials
  • Tertiary crushing of a variety of materials
  • Primary component of sand manufacture
  • Particle shaping and beneficiation
  • Crushing and grinding of mining and aggregates
Why Buy from Frontline?

Finding the right equipment is half the battle. But finding the right equipment dealer spells victory every time. Too many companies over-promise and then under-deliver. Frontline has built a reputation in the industry that is, simply, unmatched. For nearly four decades, they have helped customers find the equipment they need. They are known for a combination of procuring the finest new and used equipment. But they are also known for their commitment to customer service. They understand that mining and construction professionals need a partner they can trust.

Frontline also has specialized knowledge and expertise that few other companies possess. First and foremost, they have been around long enough to understand which products are right for which jobs. And they are happy to pass that knowledge on to their customers. Second, they are very familiar with the international market and unique challenges abroad. They have many satisfied customers in the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. And third, they have a handle on the most complex shipping scenarios, since they have clients all over the world.

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