Used Construction Equipment for Sale Near Me That is Top Quality

If you’re searching for used construction equipment for sale near me today, then you’ve found the right place! Frontline Construction Equipment has helped lead the industry for over 30 years. Not only do we provide new equipment for mining and construction projects, we offer quality used heavy equipment as well. From mining and drilling to rock crushing, aggregate and construction, our experience and connections help customers access the best products.

How to Find Used Construction Equipment for Sale Near Me

Whether you’re located in the US, South America or Europe, finding used construction equipment for sale near me is easy. First, visit our website and click on the Used Equipment link. Then, select the bubble for Used Equipment. Immediately, a drop-down list appears. Here, you may choose the category that fits your needs best. Choices range from yard cranes, piling rigs and conveyors to hydraulic hammers, mixers, pumps and beyond.

Perhaps, you’d rather search by manufacturer. We offer quality products from leading brands such as CAT equipment and parts. Although their products were first tractors, their portfolio now extends far beyond to engines and construction equipment. Currently, Caterpillar serves over 27 industries in more than 190 countries. Additionally, we offer heavy equipment from TesCar, Surestrike, Weir Trio, Allied, Viper Metal and much more. For a more complete list, view the right side of the screen and click on your preferred company. Or, choose the drop-down list beneath ‘View by Manufacturer.’ Better yet, for detailed results, simply type in your search query in the box provided.

Finally, utilize our other features. For instance, sort by popularity or newness, brand or rating, price and even working hours. This handy tool quickly brings up the results that best fit your needs. Also, be sure to note the Translate button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Selling Your Used Equipment

Often, customers have trucks or additional inventory they wish to sell as well. After all, it’s a great way to earn extra income to invest in new machinery. Or, it’s helpful to decrease inventory of products you no longer need. However, finding the best platform to get the word out is challenging. Fortunately, Frontline Construction Equipment is one of the prime spots on the internet for this market.

Therefore, if you’d like to list your products on our site, we’d be glad to help. Simply tell us your goals and what you’d like to sell. Then, we will list your used equipment on our high-traffic website free of charge! To get an idea of how it works, follow the process detailed above that features our used equipment search.

Keep in mind, we handle additional items in our inventory as well. Our committed team helps you sell and find parts for heavy equipment too. For more information, contact them directly here.

Furthermore, no project is too big or small for us. Our account managers put together packages for numerous applications. Plus, our team works within your budget to deliver solutions and exceed your expectations! Today, give us a call at 305-593-0035.