Used Construction Equipment from Quality Manufacturers

Trying to find the best heavy equipment for your construction or mining project is often a weighty task in itself. Before you begin the actual heavy lifting on-site, you have to do a little of it yourself online. As you search for equipment for sale online, keep your options open. Often, due to cost or other factors, used construction equipment gives you more buying power. Accordingly, Frontline Construction Equipment maintains a diverse database of used equipment for projects throughout South America, the US and Europe.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

As diverse as our heavy equipment inventory, so are the manufacturers that we carry. Since we provide machinery worldwide, we also seek global sources. Just a few of the trusted companies we work with include:

BBurg – Providing technologically advanced machinery that is user-friendly, BBurg proudly keeps pace with the latest industrial standards. Included in their product line are container compressors, hammer drill rigs and DTH drill rigs.

Beretta – Established in 1964, Beretta is a leader in the small and medium-size drilling rig industry. From geotechnical, anchorings and water jets to rotary casing work and exploration core drilling, they fulfill multiple needs.

Casagrande – A world-class manufacturer of foundation equipment, The Casagrande Group provides diverse options. Choose from hydraulic crawler cranes, large diameter piling rigs and equipment for diaphragm walls. Or, select machines for tunnels, geothermal drill rigs and grouting plants.

Comacchio – Notably, Comacchio works with their clients to create tailor-made machines. Their line is versatile and customized when needed. Furthermore, they provide training for their clients.

Giken – Breaking away from conventional methods, Giken develops machines based on the “Press-in Principle”. Focused on environmental protection, safety, aesthetics, economy and speed, their machines promote a construction revolution.

Ingersoll Rand – Enhancing productivity of customers is an intrinsic goal at Ingersoll Rand. Their line of products consists of hoists, winches, BOP handling systems, balancers, handling devices and support structures.

Keep in mind, we have equipment for sale from a wide range of other manufacturers. Click here for a more comprehensive list.

Finding Used Construction Equipment for Sale

On our website, finding used construction equipment for sale is easy. First, click on the Used Equipment link. Then, select the bubble for Used Equipment.  Immediately, a drop-down list appears. When there, choose the category that fits your needs best. Choices range from yard cranes, piling rigs and conveyors to hydraulic hammers, mixers, rotary heads and beyond. 

Or, perhaps you’d rather search by manufacturer. For a complete list, view the right side of the screen and click on your preferred company.  Or, choose the drop-down list beneath ‘View by Manufacturer’. Better yet, for detailed results, simply type in your search query in the box provided.

Similarly, utilize our other features. For instance, sort by popularity or newness, brand or rating, sale price and even working hours. This handy tool quickly brings up the results that fit you best. Also, be sure to note the Translate button in the bottom right hand corner.

Finessing the Final Deal

Finally, as you search for used construction equipment online, it helps to have a knowledgeable team behind you. Not only are we behind you, we’re at the front of the line. Our moniker, Frontline, describes our experts well. 

For over 30 years, we have diligently worked to discover the best sources and companies to fulfill your construction needs. During that time, we built relationships and trust with manufacturers. Thus, these connections allow us to access the heavy equipment and value you require in these rapidly changing economic times.

More importantly, no project is too big nor too small for us. Ultimately, we take pride in the that fact that our clients repeatedly turn to us for guidance. We enjoy assisting them on their multiple projects of all sizes. 

Today, contact us to request pricing or learn more. We look forward to hearing from you! Of course, you can always call us at 305-593-0035.