Viper Metal Buckets: Ideal for Screening and Crushing

viper metalThanks to continuing advancements with technology, there are now many different products that can be beneficial to a construction project. Buckets, for example, have come a very long way in recent years. It used to be that they were basically only good for two applications: digging up soil and then removing it. But that is no longer the case. Buckets can now be utilized in other ways to help production and boost productivity on a construction site. Viper Metal has created a line of buckets for screening and crushing that are used all over the world.

Screening buckets

Viper Metal screening buckets are made from steel and built to be strong and durable. They are also designed to be low weight and easily maintained. Powered by hydraulic motors, they come with changeable blade sets. Viper Metal screening buckets can be used in a number of different applications, including:

Screening top soil

Top soil is important for construction projects, but it has to be screened well. In addition, a Viper bucket can mix materials such as sand and fertilizers into the top soil while it is being screened.

Hole filling

A Viper screening bucket can easily fill both piping and cable excavations. The soil can be screened and then quickly reused.

Wood and timber screening

When dealing with any sort of timber, it is important that wood or bark chips be screened before they can be used, and a Viper Metal bucket makes it easy.


Using a Viper bucket, different composting materials can be transformed into valuable components that can then go back into the soil.

Peat separation

Before peat can be processed, unwanted items like rocks and stumps need to be removed from it, and a Viper Metal bucket can quickly accomplish this.

Soil stabilization

To create more stable soil, a Viper bucket can remove rocks from the soil. At the same time, the soil can be improved by adding lime or cement, which can be mixed in the bucket.

Crushing buckets

Viper Metal crushing buckets are the best in the industry. Compared to other manufacturers, they have a higher capacity for crushing hard materials, including concrete and bricks. This is due to the technology used, which consists of slow rotators that grind as well as crush. Viper crushing buckets can easily crush soft rocks, asphalt, wood waste, or any other hard material. Even if a waste substance contains iron bars, the buckets will have no problem crushing it.

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