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Viper Metal is industrial designing and manufacturing company based in Finland. The focus is to design and manufacture contemporary, more durable, lighter and economically constructed earth moving attachments to the end users. We provide a quick and affordable spare parts service to our customers to ensure there are no interruptions in their operations.

Viper products are successfully used in many different applications such as: Excavation and soil contracting, Landfill sites, Heat producing plants, Power plants, Composting plants, Transportation and many additional activities related to material handling. Vipermetal has complete Viper Screening Bucket product family with ten innovative product versions. Viper screening buckets have already been sold into both domestic and international markets in a short time, and now our excellent reputation continues to spread among our customers. Feedback has been very encouraging, especially because of our HIGH QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION and CUSTOMER FRIENDLY PRICING.

The Vipermetal business model is based on low cost-structure, allowing us to offer our products at an extremely competitive price without compromising product quality and strength. Vipermetal continues launching new innovative products based on the end users feedback. The R&D department is listening carefully the customers’ demands and acting quickly

Vipermetal has developed ten different sized screening buckets for excavators and wheel loaders. Ajutech screening buckets are well respected for their high performance, high quality materials, very good finishing, easy maintenance and customer friendly pricing model. Reasonable priced after sales services are, of course, available.

Our screening buckets are manufactured inaccordance with each customers needs, and capacity requirements. They are powered with strong hydraulic motors and changeable blade sets.

See Viper Metal in action by viewing Viper Metal – Crusher Buckets Job Site Report.



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