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Mining and construction jobs are multi-faceted, complex projects. There are budgets, personnel needs, time tables, materials, logistics and much more to worry about. So, the last thing job site managers can worry about is their equipment. When they plan and allocate funds and schedules, they need to know the equipment won’t fail. Of course, this is easier said than done. After all, both manufacturers and resellers make no shortage of promises about reliability and performance. So, how are managers supposed to know the difference? The answer is simple: experience. Only experience can guide these tough decisions. Many managers have some good experience they can rely on. Others, just starting out, may need some help. In any case, Frontline Construction has the experience to help construction and mining personnel. For more than 30 years, they have helped customers find the equipment right for their jobs. They know which equipment works best in what conditions and for what projects. So, they know that when it comes to reliability and performance, few companies can match Weir Minerals. This is a leader in heavy equipment and they have extensive experience in mining equipment. Therefore, when you buy Weir products from Frontline, you get the best of both worlds.

Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals is a global leader in equipment for mining. They manufacture high-quality products for slurry transportation, comminution, and mineral-processing applications. The company has more than 140 years of experience in this industry. Its reputation has been built on equipment that enhance productivity. Plus, their products are so well-built that they are extremely durable and make for efficient processing. This is primarily due to the fact that they combine hydraulic designs with corrosion-resistant materials.

They are owned by the Weir Group, a Scottish leader in innovative engineering. The company’s engineers develop technology for the energy industry and the natural resources industry. They design products to tackle minerals, oil and gas, and power around the world. Moreover, the company has focused on acquiring companies to expand its mining capabilities.

One of those acquisitions happened just a few years ago. In 2014, the Weir Group acquired Trio, manufacturers of equipment for crushing and separation. The company’s crushing solutions are used in the mining and aggregates industries. Trio was founded in 1998 and has become an industry leader among the global mining community. The acquisition combines Trio’s innovative designs with Weir’s unmatched engineering experts. Customers have benefitted the most from this acquisition. Today, Trio crushers are more capable and reliable than ever. And, they are now backed by Weir’s global network of engineers for service and support.

A Full Range of Equipment

Simply put, no one makes a better rock crusher than Weir Minerals. That’s largely because few companies have the depth of experience that they have. They have a well-earned reputation of being the crushing and separation experts. So why is this the case? Most simply, it’s because they combine innovative engineering with high-quality manufacturing. So, their equipment stands the test of time. In fact, they build their products with longevity in mind. They manufacture every piece so that smaller parts are easy to replace. That means the larger equipment can last for generations—and with minimal cost to maintain. But that doesn’t mean they sacrifice on performance. In fact, they maximize efficiency and impact on each piece. This combination makes them extremely powerful and attractive to buyers. It also makes Weir products perfect for even the most extreme elements. High function in extreme conditions means that no job is too tough for Weir products. So, a job in the desert, snow, or deep water is no problem.

The Industry’s Best Rock Crushers

This reputation is especially true when it comes to the Weir Trio line of rock crushers. For years, Trio crushers were known as the best in the industry. Trio crushers are built with a focus on efficiency and advanced technology. They are incredibly powerful and yet remarkably easy to use. Plus, they feature innovative designs that minimize wear, even in extreme conditions. And let’s face it, almost every mining job has some extreme conditions. But Trio crushers can handle this rigorous demand with no problem. And Trio has also built these crushers on customizability. After all, no two jobs are exactly alike. What’s right for one job might be wrong for another. So, these crushers feature the ability to customize and expand as needed for any application. They make everything from single crushers to whole turn-key processing plants.

So, Trio has proven themselves the best in the industry. But because of the 2014 acquisition by Weir Minerals, the best just got better. Weir’s engineering capabilities have continued to drive innovation in the Trio line. And it will continue to do so. However, one of the biggest benefits of this acquisition is the ensuing support. Weir has a global network of engineers that supports each of its products. They offer guidance, training, design and operation help, and much, much more. That means that buying a Trio crusher gets you the best equipment and the best advice on how to use it.

Benefits of Rock Crushing

So, what are rock crushers used for? Chances are that anyone in the mining or construction industries knows very well. But, so that you have all of the facts, Frontline offers expert solutions and guidance on all topics. Rock crushers have been around for two centuries, in various forms. In that time, they have been an integral part of just about every construction and mining site in the world. These crushers are specifically engineered to turn large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or even dust.

As such, they are part of ideal solutions to clear unwanted or unused rocks from a construction site. Or, they are used to reduce the size of rock ore to differentiate between different rock compositions. For example, let’s say a construction site is clearing rock and is also planning to pour gravel on a site. A rock crusher allows the company to save time and money by turning that rock into gravel.

Most rock crushers include a hopper. A hopper helps by crushing rocks into very small, fine pieces, such as gravel, or even dust. Since these rocks can be processed right at the job site, this is another way that rock crushers can save time and money. Another benefit is that large pieces of rock from drilling or blasting are often too heavy to move. A rock crusher can be used to crush larger pieces into smaller, more manageable pieces. Plus, these pieces can often be recycled for other purposes. This can add up to huge savings and help maximize efficiency and profit on a site.

Three Decades of Experience

But Frontline is not just an expert in American drilling operations. For more than three decades, they have helped customers all over the world. It’s no wonder they have many satisfied customers in the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. Frontline’s experts understand the unique challenges, for example, of mining in South America. And they understand the different terrains and regulations that present challenges in Europe. No matter where your operation, they have the ability to help. And not only do they have the experience that money can’t buy, but they are also experts in shipping. Mining and construction equipment can be huge and extremely heavy. This presents numerous logistical challenges to getting a piece to a job site on another continent. But Frontline has been there before and knows how to handle it. Rely on them for shipping needs so you can focus on the job.

So, what makes them the industry leader? The answer is simple. They combine a huge inventory from the industry’s top manufacturers with unmatched service. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. Frontline’s friendly team of experts can track it down for you. No matter where in the world it is, they can find it and deliver it to you. Maybe you need some advice about how a piece will perform in a certain environment. Or, maybe you’d like some more information about a brand’s track record. Frontline can help. They have decades of expertise that they use to help guide clients.

Equipment to Fit Any Budget

Some jobs can afford brand new, top-of-the-line equipment from the best manufacturers. But some jobs have tight budgets that require creative solutions. However, quality is the one thing that can’t be compromised. So, what are mining and construction professionals to do? Turn to the experts at Frontline, of course!

Frontline’s experts have seen it all. Budget constraints, the economy, and many more factors can impact equipment choices. But they don’t believe that only the super-rich should have access to the best equipment. That’s why they have built their reputation on offering both new and used equipment.

Sure, new equipment is highly desirable. Who can resist a shiny new rock crusher from Trio Weir? Or a brand-new drilling rig from Caterpillar? But the benefits are far more than surface-deep. When it comes to mining and construction equipment, engine hours count. Newer equipment lasts longer, is often more innovative, and is likely to be extremely productive. That’s why Frontline carries a full range of new equipment from the industry’s top brands. They are even exclusive distributors for the region for a number of them. So, if you’ve got room in the budget, they can help you find exactly what you need.

Check out their new equipment here.

But when the budget won’t allow for new equipment, they can help then, too. After all, they have three decades of experience in these industries. They know that different jobs require different budgets. But they also know that no successful job can allow for substandard equipment. That’s why they’ve spent so much time building a network of connections industrywide. Relationships in business matter. So, Frontline uses theirs to procure gently-used equipment that saves on cost, but doesn’t skimp on quality.

Check out their used equipment here.

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On top of everything else, Frontline also carries parts for used equipment. Sometimes, the simplest fix is replacing a part. This solution extends the budget and keeps things rolling. Then again, a piece of gently-used equipment might be a game-changing upgrade. If you’re looking for something specific, Frontline makes it easy to do so. Just fill out their quick and easy contact form and the experts at Frontline will promptly respond. For more information, get a free, no-obligation quote, and more.

So, if you’re looking for some Weir Minerals equipment, look no further. Frontline carries most of the full line, including the Trio line of crushers. In fact, last year, Frontline became the exclusive distributor for Weir’s Trio line of equipment for all of Florida. So, don’t take a chance buying equipment from another dealer. Buy from Frontline and see what makes Trio crushers so unique.

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