What a KLEMM Drill Can Offer Your Job Site

klemm drillAt Frontline Construction Equipment, our number one goal is to empower our clients. That’s why we love selling equipment by KLEMM Bohrtechnik, one of the most successful construction equipment manufacturers in Germany. Their corporate philosophy is based on endowing every KLEMM drill with four “powers” essential to success. We’ll explore what that means and how they’ve used their philosophy to grow their own success and their clients’.

KLEMM’s Four Powers

  • Power of reliability: KLEMM knows that heavy equipment is a serious investment that must perform every time, and often in difficult conditions. Their legendary German engineering produces some of the most reliable foundation equipment in the world.
  • Power of customer focusing: A company should situate themselves as their customers’ greatest allies in everything they do. KLEMM orients all design processes and support systems for optimal customer service.
  • Power of efficiency: Efficient equipment is good for everyone — contractors, clients, manufacturers, and the environment. KLEMM strives to optimize resource utility in all areas and lower costs for all involved.
  • Power of solutions: A heavy equipment company must offer the exact solutions and configurations their clients need. Vertical integration and flexible manufacturing enable KLEMM to achieve this.

A History of Achievement

The philosophy of the four powers makes KLEMM a continuous innovator. Since their founding in 1963, they’ve steadily grown their business into a premier global manufacturer of drilling equipment. They hold over 100 active patents and are constantly working on more. Their name is on custom-designed equipment for major projects, including deepening the Panama Canal. That’s why Frontline Construction Equipment is proud to stand behind every KLEMM drill we sell.

Find a KLEMM Drill from Frontline

Frontline has a variety of KLEMM drilling equipment for sale at all sizes and price points. Remember: our stock rotates frequently, so make sure to check our website often for the latest deals! Here’s a small sample of the drill rigs for sale we’re currently offering:

  • KR 909-2: A versatile midsize rig in like-new condition. Great for micropiling, anchor drilling, soil investigation, and more.
  • KR 805-2: High-performance compact rig with only 2,500 operating hours. Easily outfitted with a variety of drill heads and equipment; comes with hydraulic drift head.
  • KR 801-3S: An ultra-compact rig that performs to high standards of excellence even in the tightest squeezes. Makes a great investment with only 1,000 working hours to date.

Partners in Performance

At Frontline, we love KLEMM equipment because it’s made according to the same values by which we operate. We see our business as a partnership with every client, empowering them through custom heavy equipment solutions. They, in turn, empower us to continue serving our community and our market. Selling high-quality KLEMM drills is one of the most important ways that we achieve our goals — and yours.

If you’re ready to find a KLEMM drill — Frontline is ready to help. Call us at 305-257-9371 or use our contact form. Let us help put the power in your hands.