What Our KLEMM Drill Rigs for Sale Can Offer Your Job Site

At Frontline Construction Equipment, we’re far more than just an equipment dealer. Service is the key to our success. We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers need from us. One thing they consistently request is KLEMM drill rigs for sale — and we listen!

We offer a strong selection of these high-performance rigs at competitive prices. Read on to find out why they’re so popular, and what we have to offer!

Why KLEMM is an Industry Leader

KLEMM Bohrtechnik defines their philosophy with one word: unstoppable. That’s the level of quality that the industry expects, and that’s what they deliver.

The company crafts their strategies around four “Powers” that they see as indispensable to construction and mining productivity. These are:

  • Reliability: Equipment that performs whenever and wherever you need it to.
  • Customer Focus: Partnering with those on the ground to ensure that the product meets their day-to-day needs.
  • Efficiency: Offering equipment that creates real ROI for the customer.
  • Solutions: Creating machinery that’s specifically designed for high performance in its designated applications.

KLEMM’s industry-leading dedication to these aspects makes their equipment a popular request from Frontline’s customers. That’s why we’ve curated an outstanding selection of these high-performance drilling rigs. We take pride in offering the equipment solutions that our clients know will get the job done right.

Let’s look at some of Frontline’s top KLEMM drill rigs for sale and their features. You’ll see for yourself why they’re a leading choice for construction and mining professionals!

KLEMM Drill Rigs for Sale from Frontline Construction

Here’s a sample of what we currently have available from KLEMM. Make sure to check out our KLEMM Bohrtechnik page for more information and our full catalog!

  • The KR 702-2R is a compact 2017 model drill rig that’s almost brand new with only 20 operating hours so far. With a minimum headroom of only 2.2 meters, it’s ideal for urban applications and other cramped spaces. Includes a KH-22 hydraulic rotary head and a full complement of accessories that significantly augment its package value. Accessories include a hollow auger, central flushing head, and a variety of specialty drill bits.
  • For heavier applications, the KLEMM 805-2 is a great option. The 129 kW Deutz diesel engine provides best-in-class power. Its dual load-sensing hydraulic circuits make it adaptable for many applications such as drifter heads, flushing pumps, and more. A great example of the performance and reliability for which KLEMM is famous.
  • If you need to go big, consider the KR 806-5G. This 21.9-ton hydraulic drilling rig can handle a single-pass drilling depth of up to 21.2 meters. The rig itself has around 2,500 operating hours and comes with a hydraulic drifter head with only 250. Its kinematic mast-to-boom link enables a wide range of drilling configurations. This includes drilling perpendicular and parallel to the tracks and vertical drilling with tilt.

With Frontline’s global network of suppliers, our selection is always changing — so make sure to check back for the latest!

Frontline Finds the Best Equipment for You

Performance, reliability, efficiency, safety — these are the key elements of any equipment procurement decision. Frontline Construction knows how challenging these considerations can be, so we’re here to lend a hand. Our KLEMM drill rigs for sale are just one part of our solutions! With heavy equipment experts on staff and a top-quality selection, we create custom packages for our clients. We’re ready to get to work on yours, so call us at 305-593-0035 or contact us online!