When do You Need to Use an Allied Hydraulic Hammer?

allied hydraulic hammerIf your upcoming construction project will involve breaking through layers of rocks or tearing down man-made structures, you have to start from day one with the right equipment. It is vital that the machinery is able to get through the toughest materials as easily as possible, otherwise this will result in delays, which will cost money. But if you start with an Allied hydraulic hammer, whatever you are dealing with will be able to be broken down quickly and efficiently. Allied is a company that has been in operation for over 70 years, and their products are used everywhere. Their hydraulic hammers come in two different models, either of which can be used for a variety of different applications.


Getting through boulders, slag, or other extremely hard materials can be very difficult, but a Rammer hammer will make it easy. This Allied hydraulic hammer uses advanced hydraulics that make it strong and durable. Rammers also include built-in lubrication and air passages for the simple installation of remote lubricators, as well as heavy-duty housing that will make sure they hold up in even the toughest condition. Allied Rammers are also utilized for other applications, including tunneling and open pit mining.


Hy-Ram hammers from Allied are the epitome of versatility of and efficiency. Available in eight different models, their gas-assist design utilizes low-pressure nitrogen. They have an excellent power-to-weight ratio and include several features, such as large pistons, an Idle Blow Protector, and an optional automatic greasing system. Allied Hy-Rams are also designed to be very user-friendly and easy and affordable to maintain.

Frontline Construction is your source for an Allied hydraulic hammer

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Right now we have this G90 model Allied hydraulic hammer in stock. An 8,000-foot per pound class-rated breaker, it can mount to an excavator that has a pound class of 77,000 to 121,000. It also comes with a bracket for a John Deere 470.

To get more information about this hydraulic hammer or for any of our other products, just get in touch with Frontline. We will gladly discuss your project and assist you in any way we can.