Who Produces the Best Foundation Drilling Rigs?

foundation drilling rigs If you are new to construction or perhaps have suddenly been tasked with managing a project, you may have found yourself overwhelmed when it comes to the equipment aspect. There are so many different types of tools and machinery, and many of them are made for very specific applications. This is why it is important to know about the leading manufacturers, what they make, and what their products can be used for. When it comes to creating foundations, the right equipment has to be used, and any of these brands can supply you with quality foundation drilling rigs:


When putting together a list of companies that produce exceptional foundation drilling rigs, Liebherr has to be on it. This nearly 70-year-old brand ensures that every piece of machinery they produce is safe and designed with the user in mind. Their drilling rigs come equipped with powerful engines and use advanced hydraulic systems. They are also designed in such a way that allows them to maintain stability even with a large working radius. In addition to their foundation drilling rigs, Liebherr also makes equipment for other areas related to foundations, including pile driving, soil improvement, and slurry wall installation.


If you want your foundation drilling equipment to be the most technologically advanced, Soilmec is the company for you. Their machinery is known for being innovative as well as versatile. Soilmec produces an assortment of drilling rigs, including:

  • -Micro drilling rigs – Compact for mobility, but with powerful engines
  • -Mini piling rigs – Ideal for limited space
  • -Rotary rigs – Easily transported and can work with a variety of accessories
  • -Geothermal rigs – Designed to easily extract geothermal energy
  • -Continuous Flight Augur rigs – Perfect in urban areas because they do not produce much noise or vibrations


TesCar has been manufacturing outstanding foundation drilling rigs for more than 40 years. Their CF series of rigs come in three different sizes, with the smallest able to be used in tight spaces. TesCar also produces other top-of-the-line equipment, including driven piles, micro-drills, bored piles in Kelly bar, and horizontal drills.


Foundation equipment is the specialty of Casagrande, and they make sure it is as durable as possible. The company is perhaps best known for their multifunctional rigs, which include base carriers, soil mixers, and displacement piles. In addition, Casagrande produces a number of other pieces of equipment, such as hydromills, crawler drills, diaphragm walls, and cranes.

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