​Why a KLEMM Drill Rig is a Smart Investment

At Frontline Construction, we pay attention to what our customers want. They want a drill rig that’s a great investment and will continue to perform for years to come. It must be a piece of equipment that’s easy to use without sacrificing functionality and precision. Something that’s, well, “unstoppable.” In other words, a KLEMM drill rig – the premier name in reliable performance.

Why Professionals Trust KLEMM

KLEMM Bohrtechnik is a German firm that seeks to empower clients using their “four powers:”

  • Reliability: KLEMM designs its equipment to perform in the challenging conditions faced by construction and mining firms the world over.
  • Customer Focusing: The company sees itself not just as a corporation or manufacturer, but as a partner to its many customers.
  • Efficiency: They engineer every rig for ecological and economical sustainability.
  • Solutions: By prioritizing individual clients’ needs, they create truly high-performance solutions.

This philosophy is why KLEMM calls its machines “unstoppable.” They design every product with these four principles in mind and engineer them for peak performance. It’s why KLEMM has been, and continues to be, one of the world’s top names in heavy equipment.

Find a KLEMM Drill Rig from Frontline Construction

Frontline Construction carries a wide selection of high-quality used and new drill rigs from KLEMM. Here’s a small sampling of what we have to offer:

KLEMM KR-909-2

This rig strikes the perfect balance between compact size and serious power. The 909-2 performs all basic operations at the same hydraulic pressure range. This means it’s a snap to change attachments or operations without time-consuming work on the hydraulic circuit. Perfect for micropiling, site investigation, anchor drilling, and more. Best of all, this rig is in like-new condition, with only 150 demonstration hours worked.

KLEMM 806-3

A powerful modular rig that provides the flexibility to ensure long-term value. It comes with brand-new KH16 rotary heads. Modular boom system allows a wide range of attachments. A kinematic mast-to-boom link makes precise mast positioning possible and rounds out the 806-3’s incredible adaptability.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Make sure to check back frequently – our wide variety of suppliers means that our selection changes constantly! Feel free to call us and discuss your project. We will locate the precise rig that you require if we don’t have it in stock.

A KLEMM drill rig is just one high-quality option you might find in an equipment package from Frontline. Start on yours; call us today at 305-257-9371 or use our contact form.