Why are Casagrande Drill Rigs Always So Sought-After?

When construction and mining companies need drill rigs, often Casagrande is the only manufacturer they think about. In fact, this is because Casagrande drill rigs are synonymous with these qualities:


Since 1963, Casagrande has built more than 10,000 units. And, amazingly, 95 percent of them are still in service. This statistic tells ground engineering firms everything they need to know about the durability and longevity of Casagrande equipment.


Casagrande manufactures their drilling machinery to hold up for several decades, proving that they are top-quality products. Furthermore, Casagrande ensures that every rig meets the highest standards in terms of design and manufacturing.

Casagrande Makes Drill Rigs and Many Other Tools

Casagrande makes exceptional drilling rigs, but this is just one component of their manufacturing prowess. They also produce a variety of other pieces of equipment, including:

  • Piling Rigs

In addition to their drilling rigs, Casagrande makes world-class piling equipment. They manufacture their XP rigs using the latest technology, so they allow for maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Diaphragm Walls

Productivity is also a focus with Casagrande’s diaphragm walls. Designed to fit in narrow spots, workers can transport and assemble this foundation equipment very quickly.

  • Crawler Drills

Casagrande crawler drills are available in either hydraulic or remote-controlled models. These rigs are compact yet powerful, Moreover, they designed them to work well in all conditions. In addition, they work hard in a variety of different applications, including anchoring, jet grouting, and micro-piles.

  • Continuous Flight Augers (CFAs)

Many ground engineering companies choose Casagrande when they need CFAs. They offer several different models, depending on the project-at-hand. They can work for any depth or diameter. Casagrande also produces an assortment of CFA accessories, including cleaners and crowd winches.

  • Hydromills

When poor soil is a hindrance to the creation of diaphragm walls, Casagrande has the answer. Their hydromills have built-in, state-of-the-art electronics that provide immediate information to operators. This includes record depth, cutting force, and verticality.

  • Cranes

Casagrande cranes can do much more than lift materials and transport them. Crews also use them for things like bored piling and diaphragm walls.

  • Tunneling Equipment

As with all of their machinery, Casagrande’s tunneling equipment is innovative. Designed with two telescopic columns, it allows for the drilling of holes in a quick and timely manner.

Frontline Construction Sells Casagrande Drill Rigs and Much More

For almost four decades now, Frontline Construction has been the leading supplier of equipment for the ground engineering industry. Furthermore, we carry all of the leading manufacturers, including Casagrande. Our inventory frequently contains several Casagrande drill rigs along with other equipment. Therefore, because we offer this quality machinery at low prices, construction and mining companies can always work within their budgets. For more information about anything we carry, please call us at 305-593-0035 or send an email to sales@drsdrills.com.