Why Would You Need to Use Allied Hammers?

allied hammers If you think of Mother Nature as a builder, she has a pretty impressive resume. Not only are trees, canyons, and mountains beautiful, they also have a quality that makes them enviable to those in the construction industry: durability. And while we may be in awe of natural elements, often they can get in the way of progress. When these things need to be torn down or reshaped, the work can be challenging. This is why it is essential to bring in equipment that is strong and tough, such as Allied hammers. These tools are the best available for breaking hard materials, including rock. They can also be used for the teardown of man-made structures, which may consist of buildings, roads, or sidewalks. Allied hammers come in two different models: Rammer and Hy-Ram.


Rammer hammers from Allied are built to be robust. Because they are designed to break the hardest materials like slag and concrete, they include heavy-duty housing that is reinforced. And while these Allied hammers are adept at breaking, they can also be used for other applications, such as trenching and tunneling. Allied Rammers are also widely used when work has to take place underwater. This is because they come with air passages and built-in lubrication.


Hy-Ram hammers are available in eight models, so no matter what the application may be, they will get the job done. Designed for maximum efficiency, these Allied hammers are fueled with a gas-assist system that uses nitrogen. Like the Rammer, Hy-Ram hammers have a heavy-duty sealed housing, which ensures durability and a long lifespan. This housing not only protects the hammer, but also drastically reduces vibrations and noise. Incredibly easy to maintain, Hy-Rams can even come with an automatic greasing system.

Other Allied tools

While their hammers are the star of the show, Allied also produces other equipment, including an efficient lubrication system that runs when their hammers are in operation. This system ensures that production remains high and that there is less wear on parts, while also avoiding the need for manual lubrication. Allied also makes superior demolition tools. For use with pneumatic and hydraulic hammers, this equipment consists of blunts, chisels, conicals, and more.

Frontline Construction will help you find the best Allied hammers

For over 30 years, construction companies have relied on Frontline Construction for the best equipment at low prices. We always have a big selection of tools and machinery, including an assortment of hammers. Let us know what kind of materials you will need to break, and we will find the perfect hammers for your project. Another reason why we have established a loyal group of customers is that even if we do not have the right machinery in stock, we can get it. Because construction projects are major undertakings, we strive to make the equipment buying process as easy as possible. For Allied hammers or anything else you may need, you can always count on Frontline.