Why You Can Trust Ingersoll Rand Construction Equipment

ingersoll rand construction equipment When you buy construction machinery, you are making a sizable investment. Even small products can be very expensive, which means you have to choose the brand wisely. While there are several manufacturers, only a select few can be counted on to always provide you with excellent equipment. One such brand is Ingersoll Rand. Incredibly, this company dates back all the way to 1871, and in the subsequent decades, Ingersoll Rand has become a household name in the building industry. And while longevity is a good trait, this is not the only reason to use their machinery. When you choose Ingersoll Rand construction equipment, there are certain attributes you know you will be getting, including:

Excellent productivity

Production has to remain high during a construction project in order for work to be completed on time. Ingersoll Rand understands this, which is why they are always making improvements to their equipment to meet the challenges of modern building operations.

Enhanced durability

Construction equipment has to be able to hold up and perform well no matter the conditions or how often it is used. Everything Ingersoll Rand makes is built with quality materials, which ensures strength and durability.

Outstanding cost-effectiveness

Due to its durability, Ingersoll Rand construction equipment can be used for years. Unlike cheap imitators, you will not constantly need to get replacement machinery. In addition, their products are easy and affordable to maintain.

Superior safety

Everyone working on a construction site wants to be as safe as possible, and they will be when Ingersoll Rand equipment is used. All of their machinery is built with the user in mind and how to provide him or her with the safest experience.

Frontline Construction can be your supplier of Ingersoll Rand construction equipment

Ingersoll Rand manufactures a variety of different products for the construction industry, including drill rigs, compressor systems, winches, and hammers. Many of these items are frequently found in our inventory. Right now we have this Reska R10 drill rig in stock. Built in 1988, it has been completely checked and is in good condition. Intended for soil investigation, small water wells, and vertical drilling, in comes with these features:

  • Perkins 4-cylinder diesel engine with sound-proof cover
  • Counter-mast with a stroke of approximately 1,000 mm
  • Rotary head with maximum torque of 400 kgm in first gear and 500 rpm in second gear
  • Single clamp with approximate passage of 160 mm

Also available at Frontline is this Reska R25 CB crawler-mounted model. Perfect for micro-piles, water wells, anchors, and vertical drilling, this rig has a new electric system, new hydraulic hoses, and is in excellent condition. Features include:

  • Deutz diesel engine
  • Rotary head with maximum torque of 800 kgm
  • Double clamp with maximum passage of 240 mm
  • Tilting carriage
  • Hydraulic winch

If you would like to learn more about these products or other items we carry, do not hesitate to get in touch. Frontline Construction serves both North and South American construction and mining industries with top quality products at the most reasonable prices available.